The festive season is almost upon us, and now is the time to begin developing online marketing strategies to ensure that you benefit as much as possible during this lucrative time of year. Whether you’re running an online store, or a brick and mortar business, social media marketing is an excellent platform to generate interest and advertise holiday specials and promotions.

The downside is that everyone – your competitors included – are doing the same. There is a whole lot of stuff happening on social media during the festive season, so it’s important that your digital marketing strategy includes ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are our social media marketing tips for the holiday season:

Choose fewer social networks for quality content

You may be tempted to increase your reach by promoting across every social media network that you can think of, however quality is far more important than quantity when marketing during the festive season. Choose a couple of social networks where you already have a strong following, and are familiar with digital marketing strategies that give great results. This prevents you from being overwhelmed and allows you to focus on creating relevant content for your customers.

Create exclusive promotions for social media

Exclusive promotions make your existing followers feel valued, while also enticing new users to like your page to receive special offers. These ‘social media only’ promotions can be anything from free gift wrapping, to giveaways, to online shopping discounts. Be sure to check that any online promotions adhere to the terms and conditions of the social network you are using, to avoid the embarrassment of having to withdraw your promotion.

Offer free shipping and promote it through social media

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to offer free shipping during the holiday season. Set this up on your online store, and promote this extensively through social media. If you absolutely can’t ship for free, then at least offer free shipping for a minimum cart value.

Provide excellent, personalised customer service

All customers enjoy excellent service, especially if that service is personalised. Great service means return customers who are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. There is loads of technology that allows you to personalise your customers’ experiences on your website, based on their social media activity. Even something as simple as using people’s names and tagging them in social media post replies goes a long way to building a personal connection.

Ensure all activity is mobile friendly

Have you taken mobile marketing into account? Everything that you post on social media needs to be mobile friendly, from eye catching images to punchy headlines. During the holiday season, more than ever, people are likely to be accessing websites and social media on their phone because they are so busy. Make sure that your web design is also mobile responsive to optimise your customers’ shopping experience when they visit your online store.

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