You hear from all corners of the social media marketing world how important it is to have your business on popular social networking platforms. And although you’ve done this, you cannot seem to keep up or properly optimise your social media engagement to benefit your business. This is because just being on social media is not nearly enough – you need to engage with people in order to get your business’s name out there.

Sometimes you are very active on social media but only concentrate on one or two platforms and aren’t too present on the others. As much as this is good, it also means you’re missing out on all the other opportunities to interact with potential customers from your other social portals. Effective social media presence is achieved when you engage regularly on all your social media platforms.

Here is  quick checklist for business to assist you on your journey to social media success.


WSI specialises in helping businesses with their social media presence and improving their engagement. All your potential clients and customers are active on social media, are you doing your best to interact with them? Contact us and let us help you optimise your social media.