In March 2016, the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) appointed internet marketing consultant and professional speaker, Francois Muscat, as the Deputy President of the association. Francois joined the four years ago with the goal of starting a professional speaking business and he is both excited and humbled to be nominated by his fellow members.

Over the past few years, Francois has been able to connect with other motivational speakers, trainers and authors at the PSASA and he is honoured to be able to continue supporting his fellow members at the organisation.

What is PSASA?

The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) is the primary body for and home of Professional Speakers in Southern Africa. The PSASA and its members enjoy and maintain full membership accreditation to the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

Both aspiring speakers and established business speakers benefit from PSASA membership. Business communication is an ever-expanding industry and there are many opportunities for both personal and professional development.

Francois, who regularly presents on topics such as digital marketing and social media marketing, says the valuable feedback from PSASA members and being to network with other business owners and speakers has proved to be extremely helpful in establishing his own professional speaking business. It has also helped him to continue representing WSI at international conferences and events.