Take a look at the number of emails you ignore or delete each day, and it becomes clear how much opportunity is being wasted when it comes to most email marketing strategies.

Nothing beats email as one of the most powerful tools for any marketer for one-on-one interaction. Subscribers to your email list have actively asked for your input. Rewarding that confidence by sending stellar emails every time, leads to actively engaged subscribers. People who are ready to actually do something – to buy a product, share content, and so on.

Get the basics right with these useful tips:

Short and sweet

Overly wordy newsletters rarely get read to the end. While you content must be informative and newsworthy, exceeding around 1,000 words increases your chances of disengagement. With all the distractions while working on an electronic device, keeping it clear and concise is a good practice. For fuller explanations, directing readers to your site or a whitepaper is an option.

Quality always trumps quantity in content marketing.

Size matters

As does time. And the cost of data.

The smaller your choice of media file, the faster your email loads. This is especially relevant for mobile devices. The trick is to get the balance just right – good quality and smaller size.

Testing 1-2-3

With so many devices on the market, not to mention the myriad email clients used, it is impossible to know how your newsletters will look until you actually see them in the inbox. Test, measure, and tweak everything.

Stay fresh

Yes, your content – that’s a given. But keeping your subscription list fresh is valuable too. Improve your open rates – and therefore also your sender reputation with email providers – by unsubscribing bored readers. Again, quality over quantity.

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