Social selling is the buzzword of the day, with hundreds of tech start-ups around the globe turning to social media marketing strategies in order to boost their brand image and engage meaningfully with consumers. Not only does social media marketing allow for relatively inexpensive communication, but such platforms facilitate unprecedented consumer trust and loyalty on account of the interactive nature of social selling. At WSI OMS, we believe in the development of a reputable online presence, where the employment of social media tools can take your start-up to new heights.

Social selling tips for techies

We pride ourselves on the creation of effective digital marketing strategies. Your social media presence is our concern and, bearing this in mind, we offer some tips for tech start-ups:

  • Who are you speaking to? It is essential when considering social media marketing to research your target audience, carefully choosing the right people and influencers who are sufficiently technologically savvy.
  • What are you saying? It is crucial to consider your message, ensuring that your communication remains consistent, relevant and cutting-edge in the technological world.
  • Where are you saying it? There are myriad social media platforms and deciding where to communicate should be based on where your target audience chooses to interact. Consider the niche platforms, particularly technologically-orientated blogs and networks.
  • How are you encouraging a two-way conversation? The ultimate goal of your social media marketing strategy is fostering a relationship with the consumer. This can only be achieved by encouraging conversation, interaction and by listening as much as speaking.

If you are involved in a tech start-up, your online presence is vital to your success. Get in touch with WSI OMS today to find out more about how we can help you cultivate an effective social media marketing strategy to take advantage of the endless possibilities of the digital world.

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