Research has shown sales professionals active on social media outperform those who are not. Yet as many as 69% of sellers still do not use social selling. Just as technology has irrevocably altered the way we buy, so we need to update he methods we use to sell our products or services. Think of it this way, “To not sell socially in today’s competitive environment is like leaving money on the table and walking away.”

The Value of Social Selling

  1. Most companies could benefit from shortening the entire sales cycle while also achieving more success, you definitely need to give social selling a go! Buyers today reach a purchasing decision before setting foot out their doors thanks to the internet. Pre-purchase research has never been quicker or easier.

By sharing valuable information and interacting with prospects on social media platforms, your brand earns trust. Potential customers will already have selected you before meeting your sales team.

  1. Social selling provides insights into your customers’ needs and wants. By closely monitoring what problems prospects encounter, your sales team can identify and target possible leads.
  2. How often do you make a decision about the purchase of a big-ticket item entirely on your own? More often than not, people tend to weigh in the opinions of those they trust. With online selling, you can inspire confidence in your brand by sharing online reviews. Another way that social media allows you to establish a positive reputation is by enabling almost instant feedback and communication.
  3. Because social selling is all about engaging and attending to customers and prospects in a meaningful way, relationships are built. Once a trusting connection has been made, buyers will naturally turn to your company when they are ready to buy.
  4. It is six to seven times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. To maintain the relationship you established with your buyers, you need to keep them engaged with and excited about your brand. To keep them coming back, share special offers and stimulating information on social media networks.

WSIOMS can help you find a Solution to online selling.

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