SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is considered the holy grail of digital marketing. In order to “win” the search engine ranking race, no digital marketing strategy is complete without attention being given to this pivotal aspect. However, as with so many holy grails, a lot of unnecessary mystery has been cast over it. We break it down into five areas on which you should be focusing.

Search Engine Optimization Simplified

Judicious website design, valuable content marketing, and a suitable link-building strategy all contribute to being classified by search engines such as Google and Bing as having the right qualities. This leads to your website being seen higher up on a list of search results.

Sometimes it can feel like Google and company are trying to thwart your every effort by building in constantly-evolving algorithms. The thing is, search engines want to provide users with the best websites for their search, not the best-optimized websites. So instead of reacting to these algorithms in the hope of outsmarting search engines, the best way to get up the list is to provide value to your target audience.

  1. Website

Gone are the days of boring, one-page websites on a textured background. However, in the pursuit of all things new, some websites have gone to the other extreme and are far too busy. Distracting flashing images and endless reams of text don’t allow the busy user to quickly navigate your site.


  1. Content

If the content of your website is relevant, authentic, and of use to people looking for what you offer, it will already be rich with keywords, calls to action, and information your readers will want to share.


  1. Link building

When your site is interesting, people will want to follow the links to other pages and therefore spend a longer time on your website.


  1. Social media

Social media networks help to direct users to your website.


  1. Adaptive SEO

By integrating social media into your SEO campaign, you generate trust and credibility. This new approach outlasts any changes Google may make.


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