The Financial Education and Inclusion Summit, promptly titled Financial Education and Inclusion Summit – Taking Money Matters to Our Children is a two day event held in KwaZulu Natal this week over two days. It is an initiative of the Provincial Treasury and Members of the KZN Financial Literacy Association, triggered to help the youth of today to learn healthy money management habits and be better equipped to handle saving and investing as future adults.

WSI OMS’s Francois Muscat was invited to speak for the Marketing and Communications realm regarding young people and money. Francois topic, ‘Using Twittering and tweeting to educate & change behaviour’ covered sharing effective ways of communicating with the youth and focussing on using Twitter for education, especially when it comes to encouraging good financial tradition. And what better way to reach the bornfrees and millenials than to use digital and social media marketing? It is well known that the youth of South Africa takes to social networking like fish to water – from their views on election campaigning to major News events, so it is no surprise that social media should be considered for education as well. Social media is fast becoming the primary mode of communicating and keeping up with young people.

Francois presentation can be downloaded from here and feedback is more than welcome!

Live feedback from the Twitter hashtag #kznfla




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