WSI Simply Social We Simplify the Internet Thu, 27 Aug 2015 07:00:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to improve your email marketing Thu, 27 Aug 2015 07:00:15 +0000 In this day of social media, people often tend to view email marketing as old and obsolete. This however could not be further from the truth. Email marketing campaigns can really be highly beneficial to your company by means of reaching a large base of clients effectively and directly. Let us now take a look at a few advantages of email marketing versus its social media rival.

Email vs. Social Media Marketing

Email marketing, even though it is deemed as the granddad of social media, on a general basis tends to ensure that you reach more clients than social media. On social media, people may not always be checking your page, nor sharing your posts. This means that whatever content you upload to your page isn’t necessarily reaching all of your desired target audience.

On the other hand, if you have a client’s direct email account, you will be sending your content straight to their inbox which more than likely they are bound to check. This type of aggressive marketing ensures that your target market is reached and that your desired messaged is being conveyed.

Ways to improve your email marketing

If you use email marketing avidly within your business, you should seriously consider implementing a monitoring program which allows you to keep track of all your mail being sent. There are various options out there for you to choose from such as Cake Mail, AWeber and Mail Chimp, all of which will be boosting your email marketing strength. You will easily be able to monitor your subscribers, see which emails are not delivered, which are being opened and who is unsubscribing to name a few things.

If you need any help getting started on your successful email marketing venture, please do not hesitate to contact WSI OMS. We have a wide range of services to offer to you and are more than willing to help where we can. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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Make your email marketing campaigns and Facebook work together Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:00:33 +0000 While email marketing and social media marketing are two rather different fields completely, they can work amazingly when in tandem with one another. Email marketing leans more towards the aggressive side of the marketing world. It is very much I your face and direct making your consumers aware of what it is you are offering very quickly. On the other hand, social media marketing build a rapport with your client base. A Facebook page allows them to connect with you and your business on a more constant basis by sharing in your posts and images which you make use of. It may sound difficult to see how to link the two together, but read on for a bit of advice.

Social media marketing teamed with email

The first and easiest way to connect people is by using your social media page wisely. Always ensure to have a visible sign up section where they are able to subscribe to your emailing list. If they are already following you on Facebook or the like, odds are they will want to hear what your monthly, weekly even daily input is via the digital newsletter.

In the same right, if you have an already existing email campaign data base, be sure to allays include icons or links to your social media pages for your readers to be able to connect with you there.

Reach digital marketing excellence today

It is easy to achieve digital marketing excellence when you know where to start. If you need any assistance in your journey to achieving this WSI OMS is here to help. We have a firm understand of the digital world and can assist you by offering you a number of different services. Please contact us today and let us start helping you now.

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The beginners guide to growing your subscriber list through content marketing Tue, 25 Aug 2015 07:00:40 +0000 In this digital era, content marketing is really an ace all online marketers need to have down to a tee as well as up their sleeve. When you are branching out into the digital world in an attempt to make a name, as well as following for yourself, the beginning phases can truthfully told, be some of the hardest. Trying to figure out exactly how you will be growing your subscriber list from zero to a good few tens of thousands of followers can really seem like an unmanageable goal for all new comers. However, it’s not if you set yourself realistic goals. Here are your first two steps to follow when starting out your brand new blog to grow your following.

Start out small and familiar

In order to grow your list, you need to begin branching out to those closest to you. Tell your friends, family co-workers, any person in your day to day circles about your online offering and request that they subscribe and begin to follow your posts.

Send them a personal email requesting that they take the time to go and check out your page and tell them why you think it would cater to their interests.

Networking and digital marketing go hand in hand

In your immediate circle of people whom you will be able to approach, you will realistically be looking at between 100 to 300 individuals on your various social network and day to day groups. And in a similar right, they too will have relatively similar numbers. Therefore, request that whomever you invite to your subscriber list begins networki8ng and sharing on your behalf. This will soon begin to grow your following and make you that one step closer to your goal.

WSI OMS is a leading expert in digital marketing within South Africa. If you require any guidance, know that we are here to help with every content marketing query you may encounter. We have a wide variety of services you can select if you are in need of assistance so do not hesitate to get in touch with us now.

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The business of marketing – what you need to know about mobile conversion rates Mon, 24 Aug 2015 07:00:13 +0000 Mobile conversion rates are an important aspect to understand, regardless of whether you’re a digital marketer or a business owner.

In April 2015, Google launched something called ‘mobilegeddon,’ which was basically an update of their search engine algorithm rankings that led to mobile-friendly websites performing better in search engine results of websites which weren’t mobile friendly.

Since 2014, mobile search traffic has been surpassing desktop traffic, making it even more important to ensure your website is easy to navigate and browse through from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

While many people have invested in mobile optimisation for their sites, there is still a large chunk of people who aren’t able to increase their conversion rates. Here are a few things to consider in order to increase your mobile conversion rates:

  • Ecommerce mobile optimisation: People generally don’t like filling out long forms and loading new pages when trying to buy something from an ecommerce site, but this becomes even more of an issue for mobile users. In order to improve your conversion rates, create a single-click checkout option for people who are trying to buy something from your site from their phone.
  • Don’t try to give mobile users all the information: Give mobile users the information they’re looking for and remove any unnecessary clutter. For example, someone searching your website from a mobile device might be more interested in your phone number and office location, so embed a Google Maps app which shows them this information on your home page.

These are only two of the ways you can increase your mobile conversion rates. For expert advice and insights on mobile optimisation, contact WSI OMS today.

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Use your buy button to boost your ecommerce Thu, 20 Aug 2015 07:00:40 +0000 If you wish to improve your ecommerce but are not yet fully invested in going into a complete online shop, then the buy button is the way to go for you. This will give you the freedom to sell only a selected amount of items on your website as opposed to being a fully-fledged online store.

How to incorporate a buy button onto your website 

You can start making use of this beneficial feature on either your own hosted site, WordPress, Tumblr or any other website platform imaginable. Adding your buy button is as simple as embedding a YouTube video, so you won’t have to worry about programming hassles.

Why a buy button is a smart move 

Incorporating a buy button onto your page can open a number of various doors for you by growing your brand. If you are trying to promote only a few items then you can write an entire review on said item and then link a buy button to the page with a photo of the item for sale. This will engage your customers and encourage them to get involved with your brand then and there.

Who can help 

If you wish to begin this but are not a computer whizz at the best of times, you needn’t worry. There are people in South Africa who can easily assist you today. WSI OMS is dedicated to helping you reach your digital marketing goals and we offer training courses and a number of services to help you expand and grow to where you wish to be digitally. We have a dedicated team at hand always ready and willing to help where we can. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today and begin to grow your online presence.

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Pin It! Using social media marketing to the full Wed, 19 Aug 2015 07:00:30 +0000 It is undeniable; the need to become familiar with social media marketing should really be on the top of all digital marketers’ to-do list. One of the most influential and powerful social media platforms in this day and age is none other than Pintrist. While this may surprise you, there is something massive which sets this social media platform apart from your others: staying power. While Facebook and Twitter post warrant instant gratification via likes and shares, something which has been pinned has a much longer life span and durability. Here are a few ways to make sure that Pintrest will work for you.

Digital marketers, be sure to share your pins on other networks

By doing this, you are spreading your Pintrist reach across a number of different social media platforms. This will spread the word of your Pintrist board and make you more noticeable and discoverable to your potential followers.

Put a Pin It button on your blog

Be sure to start incorporating the iconic Pin It button into all of your blog posts, giving people the ability to share your thoughts. This will give them the ability to share your blog post right then and there growing your blog through the one and only Pintrest. In the same right, ensure that your blog post photos are ‘pinnable’ and will attract the right attention you wish them to.

If you don’t have the slightest clue on where to go, fear not. There are those in South Africa who can help and WSI OMS just happens to be one of them. We are a digital expertise company who can take you from zero to online rock star in a matter of time. With a wide variety of different services at your discretion, you will be spoilt for choice when discovering how we can help you. Call us today and see how your online journey can begin now.

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How content marketing has received a bad name for itself Tue, 18 Aug 2015 07:00:40 +0000 Over the past few years, content marketing has grown exponentially. Every company needs content and unfortunately many are beginning to opt for quantity over quality. This is an extremely dangerous concept because now, although they are churning out weekly blog posts and keeping their online presence busy, the actually content which they are supplying their customers is often short of acceptable.

People seem to be missing the point of their blogs completely. They are meant to be helpful snippets of information given to your clients on a regular basis. Instead, patrons are now receiving less than adequate articles on topics which are not necessarily relative to them.

Content vs. experience

This is a hot debate which has slowly begun to rear its head. Should companies sacrifice their amount to ensure their readers are actually receiving worthy bits of information? Of course they should! This should not even be up for debate as your business can begin to earn a bad name for itself if you repeatedly produce less than satisfactory content. Getting a team of skilled and experienced writers on your side is key to the survival of your online presence.

A team willing to help

We at WSI OMS understand that it is vital for you to receive content that is accurate and comment that is fair and we strive to provide this for all of our clients. If you find yourself in need of assistance with the creation of your content, do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you however we can and ensure that whatever you receive is an accurate representation of your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us today and see how we can begin to lend you a helping hand in the digital world.

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Why your digital marketing strategy should be thinking about spring Mon, 17 Aug 2015 07:00:22 +0000 Spring is just around the corner and just as you need to spend some time spring cleaning your closets at home, you should also be focused on doing a bit of ‘upkeep’ to your digital marketing strategy. Here are some things to take a look at before the new season kicks off next month:

What’s not working anymore?

Do you have ‘legacy’ digital marketing strategies that aren’t really bringing in any business but still take a lot of time and effort? Relook your campaigns and strategies to determine what’s not giving you a return on investment.

Which social media profiles need more attention?

If you’ve created social media profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and GooglePlus, make sure you’re contributing relevant, unique content to each profile. If you see some of them aren’t performing well, find out if this is because your target audience simply isn’t using these channels, or if you need to rethink your strategy for that specific profile.

Investigate new options

Have you been procrastinating when it comes to launching a mobile campaign or uploading PowerPoint presentations to SlideShare? These simple, yet effective tools can add new fuel to your digital campaigns, so start researching and investigating platforms you haven’t been using in the past.

Need digital marketers to help you relook your internet marketing strategies? Whether you’re interested in paid google advertising and search optimisation or targeted social media, email or content marketing strategies, WSI OMS can help you. Contact us for more information today.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Creating Highly Effective and Shareable Social Media Graphics Thu, 13 Aug 2015 07:00:05 +0000 Social media marketing is no longer just about text updates. Visuals and graphics have become a big part of marketing products, services and ideas on social media platforms. You might have noticed that visuals grab your attention faster than a body of text will. 60 000 times faster in fact! You might be struggling to come up with the best media and images for your campaign and if you aren’t a designer, you might struggle. The good news is that you don’t need to be an artistic guru to create highly effective social media graphics that are enticing and shareable. Below are five hacks that can help you on your way:

  • Don’t overload your image with text. Text can become overwhelming on its own – add too much of it to an image and it has the same, if not worse effect.
  • Ensure that the images you use are of the highest possible quality. Only use images from reputable stock photograph suppliers and make sure that it will look good when it is posted.
  • Vary your visual content so that your audience isn’t presented with the same thing over and over. Vary your content to include quote graphics, infographics, screen shots and photography.
  • Research visual trends and don’t be afraid to use them. Pinterest is a great place to see what sort of visual trends are popular and working at the moment.
  • Make sure that you brand all of your graphics so that the audience knows how to reach you. A water mark on the photo or a link to your website is the best option.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered by WSI

At WSI we offer professional social media marketing services where we can strategise and implement an online marketing campaign that gets your business noticed by your target audience.

To learn more about our social media marketing services and how to understand the benefits of online and digital marketing, contact us at WSI today.

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Social Media Marketing Advice: Tips on Building an Engaged Instagram Following Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:00:22 +0000 Does your company make use of Instagram as part of its social media marketing campaign? If you want to drive more engagement via your Instagram account, there is quite a bit that you can do. Increasing your company’s visibility and earning more likes, comments and followers is not as hard as you think. Consider the following points:

  • Make sure that you have a clear call to action in the caption or on the image.
  • Use location for your calls to action. Do this by uploading an image and sharing the post. Select the “edit” feature on the photo. Now a keyboard with “add location” as an option.
  • Ensure greater content discovery for your intended audience by making use of hashtags. Only use hashtags that are relevant to your specific intended audience.
  • Promote someone else’s account via your own followers by participating in Shout-outs for Shout-outs. You might have already seen the “S4S” comments in some of your photos. For the most success, look for pages with a similar audience to your own. You can ask other users to do Shout-outs for Shout-outs by sending them a public message via commenting on their photos or by sending them a private message.
  • Don’t be scared to add text. All images allow up to 2000 characters for text. While not all of your photos will have such long characters, try to include some more relevant details on some of your posts. A unique caption will grab more attention and will be the cherry on the top of a great eye catching image.
  • Participate and interact with other Instagram users. Comment on photos, like photos, add hashtags to posts. Generally have a good and active presence on Instagram for the best results and to get your content and presence more noticed.
  • Don’t be shy to promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms. That way you can recruit new followers and create more awareness of your account.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered by WSI

At WSI we offer professional social media marketing advice and services. With our assistance you can enjoy a greater online presence that is strategically planned and implemented. Our team of friendly and professional consultants will ensure that your company’s Instagram and other online marketing campaigns are correctly managed.

To learn more about our social media marketing services and how to understand the benefits of online and digital marketing, contact us at WSI today.

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