Over the past few years, Facebook has consistently surprised its users with exciting new features and quirks. And it certainly didn’t disappoint this time around either! It has just added a multitude of hidden Easter eggs that you can unlock by typing in special words on the platform.

Basically, when you add certain words into your status or comments, colourful animations pop up, making the whole Facebook experience that much more entertaining.

  • Which Words? 

So, you’re keen to see for yourself? According to social media marketing experts, some of the special words include “xoxo”, “congratulations”, “rad,” “bff,” “lmao,” and “thank you so much.” If the same experts are to be believed, Facebook doesn’t plan on stopping there. There are sure to be plenty more to come because of the social media platform’s quest to continue to spice up its users’ news feeds.

  • Other Updates 

  • Other new Facebook updates include animated Facebook reactions. When a user clicks on a notification of a reaction to one of their posts, they will be navigated back to it, and all the person’s friends’ reactions will animate, flooding the screen.

Along with this, Facebook has also notified the world of its intention to develop and release an array of newly animated emojis. In short, animation and social media marketing are huge right now! Perhaps it’s time for business owners to start thinking about how they can capitalise on this trend when it comes to their own social media marketing efforts?

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