The announcement was made on Facebook’s company blog that the social media giant would be acquiring Whatsapp. The buy is to increase Facebook’s world-wide connecting power and Facebook has vowed to let Whatsapp continue to run the way it always had. Jan Koum, the CEO of Whatsapp who had ironically applied for a job at Facebook earlier in his career and been unsuccessful, is to join the Facebook team as well after he hands over his company for $19 Billion.

There are many reasons Facebook decided to buy Whatsapp and why Whatsapp decided to sell, spanning from wishes to expand European reach from the former and the desire to eclipse Snapchat from the latter. But what are the benefits of this purchase and the merger of the two companies at everyone’s palms? According to Tech Crunch, a news website focused on information technology companies, there are several benefits.

The overall engineering of the application will improve now that it has been welcomed to Facebook’s stable – this is the same kind of improvement we saw with Instagram when Facebook bought it last year. This will also positively impact the growth of the app and help with any spamming problems that might’ve occurred. Of course, housing a new group of recruits will work just well for Facebook, as it will have more talented, young individuals in its fold.

Whatsapp will not be monetised using any of the pop-up adverts or sponsored pages one usually sees on Facebook – and will remain completely authentic to its original state before the sell, but will definitely have it’s reach expended exponentially. The joining of these forces means users from across both platforms will combine and multiply, making this a great deal for both parties involved.

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