What is the most important aspect of digital marketing? Quality? Quantity? Utilising all the tools at your disposal from social media marketing to SEO? No. The most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is its ability to achieve emotional engagement from its audience.

At the end of the day, emotional engagement is the real secret to achieving viral digital marketing, to ensuring brand awareness and to solidifying a robust online following. The question is, exactly how does a brand go about connecting with its audience on an emotional level? We offer some helpful tips below.


  • Find out what your audience is passionate about 

Nothing stirs emotion more than something that you are passionate about, right? This is the main reason why understanding your target market inside and out is key to increasing levels of engagement. Also, remember that things are always changing – what your audience is passionate about today, may not be the same as what they are passionate about tomorrow.


  • Primary emotions 

It is important to keep in mind is that emotional engagement is all about eliciting a specific emotion – and it need not be a positive one! (Although, recent studies have shown that content marketing pieces that bring about surprise and joy will be shared more often than those that bring about feelings of sadness or negativity). If you want to convince your audience to share your digital marketing efforts, this is the best to do:


  • Challenge them on something and prove them wrong;
  • Provide shocking facts or statistics;
  • Share interesting ideas or new approaches to doing certain things;
  • Tell a true, relatable story;
  • Ask provocative questions.


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