Why is email marketing such a big deal?

1.) First and foremost, because your emails are going out to people who have shown enough faith in you and what your organization stands for that they have allowed you access to their inbox. Just look at the number of emails you have vying for your attention in your inbox right now and you will appreciate the value of being invited in by your prospects and customers.

2.) Secondly, the lifespan of emails is much longer than social media marketing for example. If your prospects do not visit their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts for a while, your message will be lost to them in the mass of newer posts. You also cannot risk irritating regular visitors by posting the same information too often.

How to leverage these advantages

Social media marketing and good website design are your best weapon to obtaining the email addresses from your target audience. By creating eye-catching and intriguing social media posts, you shepherd potential subscribers to your website where they will fall in love with your brand. From there, offer a worthwhile something in exchange for email addresses. This offer needs to be special and unique enough to stand out from all the other data available online for free.

Great – email address in your database. Now it is your duty to ensure that you earn the right to have your emails read. Maintain a high standard of content marketing to share with your subscribers and they will keep opening your emails.

The biggest reason that your emails need to be opened is not only to keep your readers happy but by wanting to consume your content, you can direct your readers back to your website. Organic traffic increases your search engine optimization (SEO), which helps to increase your chances of being found by new prospects.

If you would like to take advantage of this cycle of lead generation and client relationship building, please get in touch with WSI OMS today. Our team is excited to boost your digital marketing in 2017.

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