Whether you sell a product or a service, your website is very often the first port of call in the buying process. Regardless of where the purchase is made, online or in store, many people spend time looking at websites for product and price comparisons, as well as getting a feel for a business. Feelings of trust and goodwill can be conveyed on a website, just as indifference or lack of customer service. It’s really important then, to ensure your website is doing all it can to promote your business.

Gone are the days when you could get a website designed and developed, then sit back for the next five years. Websites need evaluating every six to twelve months, for a number of reasons, so they continue to get traffic. Here are eight ways to improve your website:

  1. Revamp your website design

A well-designed website not only looks amazing, but has great functionality, like allowing users to sign up or taking payments from your customers. You have less than 5 seconds to create a winning impression for a first time visitor to your site – if it’s slow, weak or not resourceful, people will not stay on it.

  1. Optimise your site for SEO

Almost half of all online shoppers start their shopping with an internet search. Optimising your site can improve your search engine rankings. You should also optimise your content.

  1. Develop a responsive website

To keep up with the times, it’s essential that your website displays correctly on mobile devices, especially smart phone with smaller screens. Having responsive functions can offer support to a range of device users.

  1. Add functionality

Features like Live Chat or a subscription option provide more ways for your customers to engage with you, enabling you to provide better customer service.

  1. Update your images

Good quality images can really sell a product, so it’s worth paying for a professional photographer when it comes to updating images.

  1. Translate your online content

Translating your website, blogs or social media pages into multiple languages can increase online search traffic, if you have a global product or service.

  1. Write effective landing page copy

If your landing page is not converting your website visitors into leads, consider redoing it. Effective landing pages have call-to-actions and clear messaging and are far more influential than a home page.

  1. Fresh content

This is very important to keep frequent visitors to your site – people will notice if a piece has been on your site for long time. Regular posting of new content is also good for SEO.

Don’t lose traffic due to an outdated or boring website. Allocate money in your annual budget for website updates and design changes – the return should cover your investment and then some. If your website needs an overhaul, or if you would just like some advice, contact us.

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