It is no secret that once you log onto your favourite social networking platform, you’re stepping into a whole different world of special lingos and worldwide trending topics. Social media is not only a medium for you to keep in touch with people you know while being entertained, but it is also a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening around you and in the world. As today is Halloween, people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are going all out and posting pictures of their scary and funny outfits and using hashtags to join in with the rest of the online community celebrating Hallow’s Eve.

Being part of something informal that is so widespread is exactly what business owners need to put a face on their companies. Once your potential clients stumble upon those quirky pictures you and your employees have posted, wishing all your clients a Happy Halloween, they will be more obliged to retweet, like or follow than they would when faced with a plain linked status. So today, dust off that old wizard’s hat, scope out the relevant trending topics and get some Halloween social media engagement done.

Capitalise on your social media presence by contacting us today. And Happy Halloween from WSI!

Halloween - wsi

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