“Festive season” – the other f-word! While the period is supposed to be cheerful and jovial, it can often lead to significant stress, family feuds, and financial pressure. Add to that the anxiety of business year-end functions and the awareness of politically-correct greetings, and it is no wonder that more and more consumers are turning to online shopping to ease at least one aspect of this jolly time of the year. Make sure that your e-commerce business maximizes this opportunity to grow.

How do I increase my e-commerce conversion?

Start by measuring the volume of your visitor traffic, the source, and the relevance of the traffic. To improve these factors, you need to boost your search engine optimization to gain popularity for your website.

Visitors to your site move through an online sales funnel that starts with browsing, then onto shopping, and finally making a purchase. So, bearing in mind that your traffic is driven by your SEO efforts, the best place to start is with your website design. It needs to be appealing, easy to navigate, and able to offer your prospects exactly what they want – a simple way to buy their festive season supplies.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: they are also worried about where they are spending their money. To positively impact your e-commerce conversion, establish trust with your potential buyers. Link building with authoritative sites that have a large and loyal online readership will increase your credibility.

Using content marketing to share valuable information with your audience helps to nurture the trust you have built with your customers. Another key driver of your e-commerce store is the use of social media marketing to boost traffic with seasonal promotional campaigns.

Whether you are new to the world of digital marketing or simply want to improve your results, using cutting-edge, and measurable digital marketing solutions will increase your exposure, brand awareness, leads, and sales. For more information on e-commerce business growth, please contact the WSI team today.

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