As we officially get into the swing of things this new year, it is important to look ahead and see what to expect and follow to make 2014 a great digital marketing year. 2013 has definitely set the bar high with the rising popularity of flat design, responsive design and visual optimisation, to name a few. No doubt these trends will still be very prominent in the year to come but what else can your business do to make the most of its digital marketing strategy?

It looks like this will be another pioneering year for visual marketing, social media and content marketing, and these are just a few the things you need to direct your marketing strategy towards.

Here are some specific things 2014 will be bringing forward that your company would do well to focus on: 












































































Infographic Source: MarketingTechBlog

If you haven’t considered capitalising on digital marketing before, this is the year to start. Contact WSI today and learn more about how you can turn 2014 into your most successful digital year!