There is no denying that digital marketing has taken over the world of advertising. But how does South Africa fare? Let us start by looking at how far we have come:




Stats on digital in SA 

  • The number of internet users in South Africa grew by 1.9 million in 2015. At the beginning of 2016, figures showed 26.8 million active users in our country – representing just under half our total population.
  • The majority (92%) of adults in South Africa own a mobile phone, with 60% owning a smartphone.
  • The average amount of time South Africans spend online each day is three hours.
  • In South Africa, our internet economy contributes 2.5% to our GDP (gross national product.)


What the future holds

As more and more South Africans are turning to digital, so businesses must embrace digital channels of marketing as expectations for them to do so grow. Consumers, suppliers and organizations are increasingly interacting and transacting online.

Customers and prospects have changed the way they approach buying. Social media marketing has enveloped trust-building in lieu of famous faces promoting a product on television. Content marketing via emails, blogs and the like allow consumers a chance to research their options in the comfort of their own homes. Accordingly, digital marketing needs to increase.

Many established businesses need a paradigm shift which must be initiated from the top – many traditional heads will need to be gently swayed and convinced of this new method of marketing. That this has led to the creation of new business opportunities and job descriptions is undeniable. All of this is good news for the South African economy.

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