George Orwell could not have made this up! Big brother is watching us in 2017. But it is not as much a case of cameras on the street corners as that we are willingly sharing our every move with the world via the wide web.

Being psychic 

Every keystroke or click we make is being noted. Advanced analytics lead to cognitive insights which accurately predict our digital behavior. This is how your wife knew she was getting Pandora for Christmas – all the time you spent researching them in private was reflected on the advertisements on your Facebook feed.

For the ultimate search engine optimization, you need to use these analytical tools to understand your target market inside-out. In an ever-increasing deluge of digital marketing, you need to carefully craft your message and your keywords to stand out.

Upwardly mobile 

The mobile trend is still on the increase. Look around you right now and note how many people are bent over their mobile devices! As we become more and more reliant on our smartphones, so our output as marketers needs to be designed with a mobile first approach.

Google rolled out their mobile-friendly algorithm just last year. It aims to boost the ranking of websites that are mobile-friendly, while penalising those that are not.

Location, location, location

This used to be the mantra of real estate agents and property tycoons. Now it refers to upping your search engine optimization game with location-based marketing:


  1. GPS has become an integral part of mobile phones.
    2. Your prospects are looking for services like yours on the go.


Your SEO efforts must take location into consideration going forward.


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