Whether you are building your website for the first time, rebranding it or just revamping, it’s a good idea to spend significant time on your About Us page. This is one of the most frequently visited pages of a company website, where your visitors find out about you, your business and why they should engage with you. It’s often the first impression you leave on a potential customer or employee, so don’t miss the opportunity to make it a great one. Here are some guidelines when you’re thinking about this section, which will assist in designing an informative and engaging page.

Firstly, make sure you answer the Who, What, Why, Where and When questions. Who’s in charge, who founded the company, whose vision led to its inception? What kind of people form your team? What makes them special? What do you do? What are you passionate about? Why should I be giving you attention? Why do you deserve my patronage? Where are your offices/stores? When did you start this business? Using the five Ws can help you cover pretty much everything that’s needed – a bit of history, an insight into the kind of people behind the brand, what they believe in, etc. A growing trend is using a short video to convey the information – well scripted and filmed, it can resonate well with the “instant gratification” audience of today.

The form and function of your About Us page is another important factor. It needs to be attractive, with a good balance of images and content. Keep it in line with your brand and if there’s a lot of information to convey, consider using sub-pages, so your page isn’t too long. It’s worth using a professional photographer for shots of your team – pictures taken at different times with varying resolutions look cheap. If your brand is quirky, use the opportunity to create fun and amusing pictures, to reveal a different side of your business’ personality.

The most important aspect to remember is to keep it real. This is the page that shows the heart of your business. Prospective employees will be sure to give it close scrutiny, so it should be charming, but not fiction.

If your website needs a boost, or if you’re designing one for the first time, why not let us have a go? With many years of experience in creating websites that reflect the brand, we’re just the people to contact.

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