Content marketing is all about consistent content creation, strategy, and promotion – and a well-rounded blog is always right at the heart of this approach. If you have been trying to reach out to your audience with a blog, but have yet to yield the results that you’ve been hoping for, here are a few reasons as to why it might not be working out:

  • You Aren’t Using Social Media as a Promotional Tool 

How is your blog going to make an impact if nobody knows where to find it? By simply promoting the articles on your blog with the help of social media (and perhaps boosting these posts with paid advertising), you will drastically increase traffic. If you have a particularly important blog-post to which you’d like to draw even more attention, why not pin it to the top of your social media pages for maximum exposure?

  • You Aren’t Using Keywords 

Keywords make it possible for Google, and other search engines, to index your website. This allows people who are interested in your posts and your company’s products and services to find you. Do some research, select a handful of keywords for which you wish to rank and proceed to use them sparingly and strategically throughout your posts.

  • You’re Focusing Too Much on Product Promotion 

People aren’t all that interested in reading about the technical specifications of your products – unless they’re planning on buying, of course. However, they are always interested in reading content that is exciting and useful in some way. Knowing this, if you want to make a success of your blog, you need to be posting a good balance of both types of content.

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