So many businesses choose to forego content marketing due to the amount of time and dedication that it requires to generate the desired results. The truth is that there are ways around this. Instead of spending all your time creating new content, there is also the opportunity to refresh some of your old content – something which is bound to save you time, yet sure to provide you with similar results.


How it’s Done 

Start by doing some keyword research. The keywords that you chose to use two years ago may no longer be the best ones to use now. Once you find the most appropriate ones, do your best to insert them into the content wherever possible (without altering its tone or having to re-write it too much). From there, you can start improving your internal linking (great for adding, even more, SEO value to the content) and perhaps add some user-generated content in the form of testimonials and reviews.


Don’t forget to focus on the visual aspects of your content, too. Perhaps there is an opportunity to include a few new images that could help to make the web page a little bit more attractive? Maybe there’s a chance to embed a new YouTube video that is relevant to the content? Remember that people respond better to visual aspects of content than they do to text, so be sure to keep this in mind going forward!


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