We have heard it time and again, “Content is King!” But what on earth do you still have to say? It can seem daunting to keep producing content to attract, engage, and convert customers on a regular basis. To maximize the social selling techniques you are using to enhance the status of your brand, here are some content writing tips:


  1. Feel the Pain 

Start your introduction by presenting your readers with a problem that they are experiencing. Make it as specific as possible so that they completely relate to it, and use stories to illustrate your point. This is the beginning of the transformational experience that you are going to offer them.


  1. Explain Why This Needs Addressing 

Be clear about your unique approach to their problem, and why it is important that they take action to change. Lay out exactly how your solution will be of benefit to them. Remember, your content must be reader-centric.


  1. Reveal Your Solution 

This part of the story is the journey of discovery where you reveal how your product or service will solve their problem. Be detailed, but make it as easy as possible to digest. How do you do that? Share bite-sized chunks of information that is formatted for relaxed reading, use bulleted lists and graphics.


  1. The Proof is in The Pudding

Use real stories and testimonies, researched evidence, and specific facts to back up your promises.


  1. Action 

Finally, encourage implementation by detailing the next step your readers should take. End off with a memorable takeaway from your content, and direct them to your powerful call to action.


Unlock the Power of Content

Use well written content to enhance the results of your marketing strategies. The team at WSI OMS will get you on track in no time. Contact us for more information today.

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