The term ‘content marketing’ is bandied about a great deal along in…well…content about digital marketing and SEO.


Content isn’t just the ‘static’ copy on your website that provides information, educates your customers, tells your customers about who you are and what you offer. It is also articles, blog posts, social media posts, videos and other online releases that do the same and more.


Content underpins product offers and advertising, builds loyalty and trust and, most importantly, marketed correctly it has the potential for enormous reach without the overt ‘sales pitch’ aimed at the wallet. It can, therefore, invite engagement from a far wider audience at any time and doesn’t risk driving people away.


How content marketing works: Strategy and social media 

Being information-based, a content marketing strategy relies on content that is informative, inspirational and ideally has the potential to inspire others to ‘share’ it on social media platforms. This doesn’t happen by accident. You need to design a content marketing strategy that starts with creating the right kind of content for different platforms and audiences.

Why it works: Everyone loves a good story

  • The creation and sharing of useful, interesting and attention-grabbing content that creates a relationship between you and your ‘audience’ can open up an enormous new playing field of potential customers.
  • Everyone loves a good story, a fat laugh and an interesting read – and they love ‘Liking’ it and ‘Sharing’ it.
  • It demonstrates ‘thought leadership’: knowledge and expertise that will make your brand stick in people’s minds as a ‘trusted’ brand/source /business.


Content marketing for SEO

Not all content has the potential to go viral and many small businesses don’t have a budget to create video ad campaigns targeted at social media. Nevertheless, content creation in the form of weekly or monthly blog posts and/or ‘how-to’ instructional videos, for example, are a fundamental part of Search Engine Optimisation.


All the better if they get shared on social media…and there’s potentially plenty of fun to be had trying to achieve that.


Contact us at WSI OMS to help you devise a content marketing strategy for social media and SEO. Done correctly, with an emphasis on high-quality, well-written information, content marketing can be an invaluable part of an online marketing campaign.

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