Content marketing doesn’t have to refer only to blogs. In fact, great content marketers know that their digital marketing strategy becomes a lot more powerful if they plan to create and utilise a broad array of quality content – from blogs to infographics and, of course, videos. If you are new to crafting epic video content that your audience can’t get enough of, we have some helpful advice to share…

Get to the Point 

You need to give your audience a reason to watch your video from start to finish. In order to do that, make sure that you begin your video with the subject and message that you wish to address, and you can embellish it from there.

Be Mindful of the 8 Second Rule 

The average time that it takes for a person to skip past a video on Youtube is 8 seconds. So keep this in mind before hitting record!

Find Creative Ways in Which to Draw Attention to Your Brand

You definitely don’t want your videos to be overly promotional – but you do want to weave in your logo in one way or another. Do it subtly by integrating it as a watermark here and there, getting someone in the video to wear it, or perhaps going the old-fashioned route and displaying it in the corner of the screen.

Do Competitor Research 

Ultimately, you want your videos to be original… but you also want them to be better than those of your competitors! So do some research and find out how long your competitors’ videos are, what’s working for them, and what’s not. You’ll gain plenty of insight into what may be the right approach for your content creation going forward.

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