The Benefits of Investing in Quality Web Design

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We’ve all heard about quality web design being an invaluable investment; however, what are some of these benefits and how can your business profit from them? The following piece will take a closer look at how a beautifully designed website can help bring in new business. It’ll Reinforce Your Brand Identity Your business’ brand identity needs to transcend a number of different platforms whilst remaining consistent throughout. Your brand identity is the visual l

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Web Design Tips for Business Owners

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When web design is done right, websites prove to be some of the most powerful tools in any business’ marketing arsenal. However, poor planning and cutting of corners during the development of these websites can often lead to more harm than good. Below we’ll take a closer look at a few web design tips that all business owners should be made aware of. You get what you pay for As with just about anything else in the world, you really do get exactly what you pay for

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SEO best practices for web design

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When it comes to web design, you want a website that has many functions: performs well in search engine rankings, gives your audience the information they’re looking for, generates leads for your business and is easily searched using social media sites such as Twitter. SEO plays a large role in the overall design of your website and whether you’re starting from scratch and creating a brand new site, or you’re re-doing your existing site, integrating SEO tactic

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Web developer or web designer – which does your site need?

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If you’re building or redesigning your website, do you need a web developer or a web designer? Developers and designers do quite different jobs, so the service you require will depend on what kind of work you need done. Here’s a brief look at what each profession generally does. Web Designers Web designers are responsible for the overall visual design of your website. This includes everything from the colour scheme, to the graphics, to the layout, to the fonts a

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Three Web Design Best Practices for a Fantastic Website

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Great web design, with its unique look, functionality and feel is what brings any website to life. It is what makes the site’s visitors want to click around and, if you’re lucky, even bookmark the site for future visits. As any professional website designer knows, a lot goes into the creation of a website and even more to consider when designing the site. For starters, you need to consider the elements of the company’s brand, the appearance and colour schemes

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How professional web designers can help improve your marketing strategy

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If you don’t consider web design part of your marketing strategy then think again. Even if you’re a small business with a limited budget or a start-up with a very tight budget, it’s always recommended to invest in professional web design for a multitude of reasons. Design matters and you should think of your website as your most valuable piece of real estate. It’s necessary to invest in it, spend time on it and ensure it’s as close to perfect as possible.

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