Using Twitter to Generate Leads and Get Business

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Social Media Marketing is in the process of turning into a mainstream advertising medium because it provides the perfect platform to find the people looking for your products and services right now. Gone are the days of relying solely on methods like cold-calling to find your prospective customers, they’re now waiting to be found on Social Media. Twitter is a social networking site at the forefront of this phenomenon. Get on Twitter now so your business doesn’t miss out on the action. And if you’re already on Twitter then you should be ready and willing to respond to the wants and need of people out there with your products, services and solutions. However, many people don’t know how to turn a random Tweet into a lead. The few pointers I’ve outlined below should help you generate leads on Twitter. Target your area with Twitter Geotargeting Use Twitter Search to find Tweets in your region Use a Twitter Client like TweetDeck or Seesmic to receive real time results so you can reply on time TwitHawk is a tool that fins tweets for you. This tool uses custom search queries to target potential clients and sends you an email notification when it finds a match. It’s perfect for those of you who just don’t have time for Twitter. Participate in Conversation Always respond to Tweets directed at your organisation and try to respond to Tweets that are about your industry. Tweeps (Twitter users) will feel special if they find a deal through Twitter. For example, if you run a pizza joint and you come across someone Tweeting about pizza, then you can respond with a Tweet like “@pizzalover Come in and get a pizza from me and I’ll give you a free Coke with it.” Using TwitHawk you can setup a list of auto-responders that can rotate in reply to Tweets. Make sure you keep an eye on the results so you can reply personally when necessary. Do Something Different Turn your virtual followers into walk-in customers by offering something different on Twitter. A good idea is to distribute discount codes that are for exclusive use for those following you on Twitter. Run a Competition Offer a prize that make your followers Retweet your message. Competitions run on Twitter are attractive to Tweeps because they’re easy to enter and free. Twitter Marketing Works Twitter marketing works and if you spend enough time with it you’re bound to reach a level that few businesses achieve without spending huge amounts on traditional media. Become a thought leader in your industry on Twitter and people will follow you. They’ll be influenced by your knowledge and honesty and will start buying from you because they...

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Best guide on Twitter tips by far

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Twitter the ultimate micro blogging tool is excellent for staying in touch, business opportunities and marketing efforts. There’s so much you can do for your business on Twitter. I have found an excellent resource of Twitter tips. You can find the full list here with hundreds of Twitter tips nicely organized into categories. Find below the Twitter tips in the category “Business” 5 Effective Tips For Tweeting As A Company – How does your company tweet? – Mr Tweet 5 Twitter tips for your company – Brainstorm Tech 5 Ways To Find & Acquire Customers On Twitter – Shoemoney 7 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Twitter’s Success. What did YOU learn? – Blog of Mr Tweet 9 Tips to Get Executives Started on Twitter – The Social Executive 9 Twitter Tips for Business Owners – TwitterWatchDog 10 Small Business People to Follow on Twitter – The Swom 16 Examples of huge brands using Twitter – Search Engine Journal 16 Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners – Ploked 20 Must Read Beginner Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners – TwiTip 25 Small Business Twitter Tips – Kyle Lacy 25 Twitter tips for business – springfield edge 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business – Chris Brogan 62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business – WebWorkerDaily Collection of 137 Small Business Twitter Tips (PDF) – SmallBizTrends Ecommerce Know-How: Use Twitter to Build a Community of Loyal Customers – Practical eCommerce Gaining Twitter Followers for Your Small Business Profile – BrightHub How and Why To Use Twitter For Small Businesses – Small Business Trends How to Convince Your Boss to Twitter – Michael Hyatt How to Use Twitter for Business: An Official Guide Finally Arrives – ReadWrite Enterprise How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business – Copyblogger How to Use Twitter – Part 1: Tips on How Tweeting on this Social Network and Microblogging Service Can Promote Your Business – Karen Kefauver Nine Twitter tips for business – MacWorld Ten Tips To Make Twitter Work for Your Business – Bnet Ten ways to use Twitter to promote your business – Business Zone The Do’s and Dont’s of Promoting Your Business on Twitter – Spark Plugging Top 5 Reasons to Tweet – Tech n Marketing Top 5 Ways To Optimize your Twitter Network – Tech n Marketing Top 5 Twitter tips to business success – Kayweb Tweeting for Companies 101 – HorsePigCow Twitter for businesses – ItsOpen Twitter Guide For Small Business – datadial Twitter Tips: Five Best Apps to Manage a Company Account – CIO Twitter Tips for Small Business – Small Business Search Marketing Use Twitter for your Business the Right Way – Darren Rowse Please follow and like...

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Facebook Vs Twitter

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Recent research conducted in the U.S. by MarketWatch indicates that teenagers and young adults aren’t embracing Twitter like they were expected to. In addition to this, the study shows that they are also losing interest in Blogging, however, they love social networks like Facebook and are engaging with said social network via ‘cooler’ hardware such as laptops and netbooks as opposed to ‘old school’ desktop PC’s. In figures the data shows: 8% of Internet users ages 12 -17 use Twitter 73% of connected American teenagers use Social Networking sites like Facebook Why is Facebook more popular than Twitter among U.S. teens? The general consensus is that Facebook is more popular than Twitter because teenagers have more time to spend on Social Networking sites where they can browse their friends’ photos and videos. On the other hand, the older generation is able to engage with Twitter conveniently from their mobile phones, and quite frankly it is a less time-consuming Social Network. So who is more likely to use Twitter? A large portion of the individuals making up the numbers on Twitter belong to celebrities and corporations. Twitter has proven itself as an especially useful platform for companies to handle customer service/complaints. Right now, analysts can only estimate how many active users Twitter has. Some people sign up for the service, and then never return to tweet after a few initial bursts of activity. Many users also sign up for multiple accounts, causing further confusion. Josh Bernoff, an analyst at Forrester Research, estimates Twitter has somewhere between 14 million and 20 million users a month. Returning to Facebook – this Social Media platform currently has a lot more active users than Twitter, with about 350 million registered subscribers. Like Twitter, it has focused on growing its user base. Its initial attempts to create a new category of social advertising fell short, as consumers protested about privacy concerns. Savvy Internet Marketers should keep a close eye on the Facebook Vs Twitter stats. Certain products/services will be marketed better in the Twitter environment than Facebook and vice versa. WSI consultants are at the forefront of Social Media Marketing and they can help you use the right Social Media channels that will pay dividends in terms of: Exposing your business Reaching a targeted audience that want your products and services Creating brand awareness Helping you to engage with your prospects and existing clientele Contact Us today for Internet Marketing. Please follow and like...

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Beware – Tweetmeme is down!!!

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Yep that’s right.  Tweetmeme is down.  Tweetmeme is famous for showing a list of Re-Tweets that your blog posts receives. What is Tweetmeme? Tweetmeme aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to determine which links are popular by analysing links that people have “tweeted”, organising and categorising them – delivering streams of the most popular. Usually you can view our Tweetmeme button on our blog next to our posts but since their servers are down, it can’t calculate the number of re-tweets the posts have. I decided to create this short post because I think it’s kind of funny how people react to it.  I did a simple search on Twitter Search for “tweetmeme down” and found funny responses below. BuzzEdition: RT @Sheamus: Yikes – what’s happened to @Tweetmeme? Website is down and plugin is kaput. (@nickhalstead?) timremmerswaal: @thenextweb or @boris – the tweetmeme API is down. You might wanna deactive the plugin in your wordpress 😉 chilyn: It’s amusing that it’s so difficult to find info on why a site that is built on tracking the sharing of real time info (@tweetmeme) is down. finalwebsites: looks like tweetmeme is down, does that mean that we didn’t know which topics are popular right now? naudine: RT @loic: Tweetmeme is down needs help from anyone working at Internic if you can help contact @nickhalstead thanks The last one is quite funny. Why do you need help when Tweetmeme is down? Do you depend on Tweetmeme for your social media strategies? Please follow and like...

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Tweeting tips in 140 characters or less

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Twitter is one of the most used social media channels today.  If you haven’t heard about Twitter before, here is a brief description of it. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as Tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s followers. You can get quite allot of information into 140 characters or less and find a couple of tips below in 140 characters or less to do it. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking applications on the web and it continues to grow each day. It allows up to 140 characters to Tweet.  Keep it short so to be re-tweeted easily. It adds about 15-30 characters depending on your name. Write each word like it matters and omit needless words. Listen, watch and learn before you Tweet.  You will get most of your tips from others and how they respond. Follow others to see how they are using Twitter.  Learn from your competitors. You can also follow potential clients. Learn what others care about.  Share thoughts more than actions.  Share links, ideas and ask questions.  Answer questions as well. Communicate and interact with others.  Build relationships. Reach out and be part of your online community. Provide value with special promotions, interesting news and contests.  Give others a reason to follow you. Keep your Tweets short and simple.  The key to Twitter is efficiency. Get right to the point.  Before you send, think. Use word shortcuts.  With = “w/”.  Love = “Luv”.  Re-Tweeting = “RT”.  Characters = “Chars”. Add ASCII art to make your Tweets stand out.  Looking at you: ô¿ô Monkey @(‘_’)@ Fish Swimming ¸.•´¯`•.´¯`•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸><(((º> Your Twitter voice should reflect your company culture. Tweets are not really directed at anyone but visible to everyone. Follow people you admire.  Read what they are Tweeting about.  This could be a good source for inspiration. With Twitter, it’s not about YOU; it’s about others, it’s about helping, sharing, having interesting exchanges, and community. Use a URL shorten service like to shorten the links you would like to include on your Tweets. Please follow and like...

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Twitter Tweets – Meaningful or Senseless Babble?

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Pear Analytics recently completed a study on Twitter to find out what people are really using Twitter for.  They have compared their research to other studies that were recently done to see how the data compared and if there were any correlations. Twitter recently re-vamped their homepage moving away from “What are you doing now?” to “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world“.  With that marketing message in place,  is Twitter trying to become a real news source by citizen journalists? When you go to the sign up page, it prompts users “Join the conversation“.  Are people only tweeting about news topics and discussing important events taking place? Or is it a great place to promote your company’s products or services?  Are there any meaningful conversations taking place or senseless babble?  How do people use Twitter? In the study Pear Analytics completed, these were some of the questions that they explored when they researched this topic. You can find the study here: Twitter-Study-August-2009 Some information found on the study: Twitter Demographics According to Quantcast, Twitter has some interesting demographics that they have estimated as of June 2009 Twitter reaches 27 million people per month in the U.S. 55% are female 43% are between 18 and 34 78% Caucasian, but African American users are 35% above Internet average Average household income is between $30 and $60k 72% are passers‐by, while only 27% are regular users Pear Analytics categorized the tweets into six possible categories: News (Any sort of main stream news that you might find on your national news stations such as CNN, Fox or others. This excludes Social Media News) Spam (These are the tweets such as “See how I got 3,000 followers in one day” type of tweets.) Self Promotion (These are typical corporate tweets about products, services, or “Twitter only” promos.) Pointless Babble (These are the “I am eating a sandwich now” tweets.) Conversational (These are tweets that go back and forth between folks, almost in aninstant message fashion, as well as tweets that try to engage followers in conversationon, such as questions or polls.) Pass-Along Value (These are any tweets with an “RT” in it.) With the categories above the outcome were: Pear Research Results: Pointless Babble: 40.55% Conversational: 37.55% Pass-Along Value: 8.70% Self Promotion: 5.85% Spam: 3.75% News: 3.60% Twitter continues to evolve as a brand and from a user’s perspective.  It is likely that these patterns will differ from future studies.  Pear Analyticts didn’t predict that conversational would be as high as it was and Self-Promotion so low. Pear Analytics will be publishing updated data quarterly to identify the new trends and it will be interesting to view the new...

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