How to ensure your company has an effective social media presence

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When it comes to your company’s social media presence, it is important to remember that it is better to have a strong presence on one or two platforms than a weak presence on many. So, if you have any company social media networking accounts you never, or rarely, contribute to, rather cancel them. The reason for this is that a lot of people are members of multiple social networks and if they come across a company page where nothing is happening on one of these platforms, they won’t feel inspired to respond to an invite from that company on another platform. In other words, a low activity page does more harm than good. It’s always best to consult professionals like WSI OMS when it comes to your social media marketing strategy, because a ‘bad social media presence’ isn’t better than ‘no social media presence’. As a matter of fact, it’s the other way around. Now, when it comes to posting content, there are a couple of rules you’d do well to adhere to. The first ones are probably obvious: Post regularly (between 1-3 times a day) and only post again after people have stopped commenting on your previous post. The next one probably isn’t: For every 6 pieces of content you post, 4 should be from your influencer target and the content should, of course, be relevant to your followers. What this means is that 67% percent of the time you are sharing other people’s content and the people whose content you should be sharing are people with notable voices in your industry that have a large number of followers. This will show people that you keep up to date with the happenings in your industry, which inspires confidence. Also send these social influencers free content about you. This might inspire them to write about you which will give your company a greater online visibility. Contact us today for more social media tips. Please follow and like...

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How to successfully implement a Facebook strategy as part of your social media campaign

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If you want to make the most of your social media campaign, you should definitely ensure that your company has a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. The most widely used of all of these platforms and therefore the most important, is Facebook. But how, exactly, do you implement a successful Facebook strategy? Although, to ensure maximum impact, it’s best to consult experts like WSI before implementing a Facebook strategy, what follows are good basic rules to adhere to: The most important thing to remember is to post regularly, but not too often. Only update your status after people have stopped commenting on your posts. Your posts should also be related to what your company does. Don’t engage in trivial conversations that have nothing to do with you or the products you are selling and/or service you provide. Since they are great attention grabbers, uploading pictures and videos is also a good idea. Again, just make sure they are about your products and /or services and make your own website the host site of your videos. The next thing to remember is to engage with people on a personal level. If they post questions, answer them as quickly as possible. Give a basic answer and then refer them to your website for more info. This is a neat trick to get your conversion rates up. Also, if you think a comment is insightful or helpful, let the person who posted it know and thank him or her for bringing it to your attention. In addition, Facebook advertising is something you should consider investing in. It is not that expensive and very target market orientated. It will draw people to your page and website. Last but not least: Make sure that the person you put in charge of managing your Facebook page has the necessary skills to communicate with people effectively on this platform. Contact us today for more expert advice concerning social media campaigns. Please follow and like...

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Customers are turning to social media to ask questions about your company – should you answer?

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Social media started as a way for people to keep in touch with friends and family, but over the years it has evolved into a crucial marketing component for many companies. Now more than ever, customers use social media to ask questions, lodge complaints, seek assistance and find out more information about all kinds of companies and brands – and it’s vital that your company engages them. Whether you receive questions, complaints or praise via social media, you should always respond. A company that has a Facebook page full of comments and questions from people that remain unanswered gives the impression that they either don’t care or aren’t monitoring their page; and in a world where customers expect responses in real-time, that simply isn’t good enough. When it comes to your social media pages you should: Check them all at least once a day. It’s recommended to check your social media pages several times throughout the day, but if you don’t have the time to do that, check either first thing in the morning or around the end of business hours. There may be customers who have time-sensitive issues that they need addressed. Conduct searches for your company name. On a social media site like Twitter, searching for your company name is a great way to see what other people are saying about you. Respond to the positive, not just the negative. When someone leaves positive feedback on your page, make sure to thank them and let them know you appreciate their business. Social media has evolved into an important customer service tool and companies who ignore it run a serious risk of loosing customers and giving the impression that they don’t care. Once your company’s social media presence is established, be sure that the pages are monitored and maintained on a daily basis. Contact WSI for more expert tips! Please follow and like...

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Small business and social media: Which social network is right for you?

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Social networking has become a minefield for business owners who are not following the latest trends. Should you be on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest? Then what about Instagram, Foursquare and the rest? Developing a social media presence is important for business owners who want to engage with potential customers online, but many of them lack the knowledge to successfully engage with their online community. If you feel a little lost this Infographic from Media Bistro may help. The data is based on Canada, but we feel it is just as fitting for South African small businesses. Small Business & Social Media [Infographic]   Need help with your social media marketing strategy? Contact WSI OMS today! Please follow and like...

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Can the new Myspace recapture the mainstream user?

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This week, embattled social media network Myspace took the wraps off its revamped network. But unfortunately for the former social media heavy-weight, the launch of the new Myspace was largely overshadowed by the announcement of Facebook’s new search engine, Social Graph. Many sceptics are wondering whether Myspace will ever enjoy mainstream use again. Back in the early 2000s, Myspace was an incredibly popular social network among young people and music enthusiasts. At the height of the network’s success, it was sold for $580 million. Since then it all but disappeared into oblivion. Now, new investors, including Justin Timberlake, are hoping the network can make a comeback. My Space or Justin Timberlake’s space? As if the overshadowing of Myspace’s relaunch by the release of Facebook’s Social Graph was not enough, Timberlake (one of the network’s investors) did some overshadowing of his own. Upon visiting the site, users were greeted with large picture of Timberlake. Following the login or sign up process, visitors were again greeted with Timberlake’s face. Big captions across the site’s pages also made mention of Timberlake’s new single, “Suit & Tie”. The move drew a lot of criticism on social network Twitter and news sites, including this humorous response. Many users also complained that they were unable to connect with friends through a search feature, although they could connect with strangers. While many features are still reportedly in development, connecting with friends seems an obvious and essential feature for a social network. Myspace may have done better to wait until all the technical kinks were ironed out before launching the revamped site, instead of compromising usability in order to coincide with Timberlake’s new single. Despite the criticism, the new Myspace has been praised for its cleaner interface, intuitive design and a welcome lack of advertising. Focused on music discovery As mentioned earlier, many people have questioned the ability of Myspace to gain traction with users, given the social network’s fall from glory and the number of social networks competing for user time. However, MySpace COO Chris Vanderhook has insisted in the past that Myspace is not hoping to compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and that the network is focused on music discovery.The question then, is whether Myspace will be able to position itself as network to discover new music, competing with the likes of Spotify and iTunes. Before people dismiss Myspace, they should remember that new social networks continue to achieve success (take a look at Pinterest for example), while the existence of Flickr did not stop the success of Instagram. Many youngsters are also completely unfamiliar with the old Myspace, presenting a great opportunity for the revamped network if it can catch the...

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Instagram launches web profiles

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Instagram, the free photo-sharing social network, announced that they will be introducing profiles on the web. Up to now you could only view profiles from within the app on Android and Apple devices. There is no need to claim your vanity URL, your Instagram URL will read as The public profile will show your profile image, bio, statistics as well as a live collage with your most recent Instagrams. If you have set your photo’s to public they will be visible to anyone on the web whereas private photo’s will require a login. Features of Instagram web profiles: Vanity URLS determined by your username Follow users, like and comment on photos directly from the web Edit your Instagram profile online Easily share your profile online Photo’s set to public will be visible to anyone Live banner image with your recent photos Nike’s Instagram web profile:   Instagram web profiles gives users a way to easily drive traffic to their profiles by sharing their photo’s and profiles on social media platforms such as Twitter or Pinterest. Organisations using Instagram will also be delighted that they can now share their snapshots with anyone on the web, not just Instagram users. In their blog earlier this week, Instagram has noted that you will not be able to add photo’s via the web as they are still focused on photo sharing from mobile devices. If you are an Instagram user you should be receiving your web profile within a few days, in the mean time, why not check out Nike’s (@nike) web profile. If you are not on Instagram yet, now might be the time to sign up. Teaming up Pinterest and Instagram web profiles will make for powerful visual social media tools. Need help with your social media? Contact WSI OMS.   Please follow and like...

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