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Social Media Cultivates Authority amongst your Target Market

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Social Media Marketing, Social Networking | 0 comments

Although social media originally started as a way for users to simply connect with each other, it now offers excellent opportunities for brands to get involved with communities. What many brands don’t realise, however, is that social media can be used to build a brand’s perceived authority on a topic or industry, translating to more trust from consumers and, essentially, more sales. Brands who Express Opinions offer more Authenticity Brands who get involved in

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LinkedIn’s list of hottest skills

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in LinkedIn, Social Networking | 0 comments

Businesses often have their own LinkedIn marketing strategies, but many people use LinkedIn for one thing only – job hunting. LinkedIn has become the go-to place for recruitment agencies to find and head hunt new talent. In December 2014, LinkedIn published an article which analysed the skills and experience data of their users to find out who’s getting hired and what type of skills they bring to the table. The top 25 hottest skills on LinkedIn for 2014 were as

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Foursquare is now Swarm – Changes for the geotagging app

Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Social Media Marketing, Social Networking | 0 comments

The location-based geotagging social network Foursquare announced earlier this year that it was eliminating the popular “check-in” feature and moving that feature to a new app called Swarm. The check-in feature allowed users to clock their locations at various places around the world, such as restaurants, music concerts, universities, airports and many more. It also allowed users to accumulate badges for frequent activities, so if you checked in at three airport

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Reasons to turn your team to social selling

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Social Networking | 0 comments

Social selling is a term used to describe a company leveraging its social media presence to engage with its customers and sell to the right people online. Traditionally, sales teams rely on cold calling and e-mails, but with the growing popularity of social media it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the many opportunities it provides. At WSI we have a team of digital marketing experts who will work with you to establish a social media presence for your compan

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New, rising social media networks to get in on fast

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Social Media Marketing, Social Networking | 0 comments

One of the best ways to grow your online following is to stay on top of social media trends – but not only trends, also rising social media networks. Whether you’re an internet marketer or a business owner, imagine what it would be like to say that you were one of the first people to create a profile on Twitter and Facebook. Not only does this give you bragging rights, but it puts you in the ideal position of being able to invite your existing customers and foll

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Is livecasting the next move on social media for your business?

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Live Blogging and Tweeting, Social Networking | 0 comments

Livecasting is a term used to describe streaming videos live on your company’s social media sites to allow your subscribers to see what’s happening in real time. Companies can also allow viewers to interact with the hosts of the video, submit comments or ask questions in order to make it interactive and it works to create a dialogue between the company and its customers. Livecasting is an excellent tool for a wide range of businesses and can be used for anything

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