Easy ways to make your social media content more shareable

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It’s no surprise that visuals are more appealing to readers than pure text. Our brains process visual images about 60 000 times faster than text, so it’s simple to understand why image rich content is shared more freely. But if you’re a small time entrepreneur without the design resources needed to make beautiful pictures, all is not lost. Here are some easy ways to make your visual social media content infectious. Firstly, use high quality stock photography.

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Ways to find and engage with influencers online

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It’s getting more difficult to grow your email marketing subscriber list these days, with people being more careful about personal security and also just tired of being spammed. You can keep on with the ways that do work, like offering sign-up specials or freebies, or you could try expanding your list by engaging with influencers, who already have thousands of connections. So how do you get and engage with influencers online? Firstly, you need to identify the plat

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A clever way to drive real sales leads from social media

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It’s not easy creating social content for lead generation, but one form of content that is proving to exceptionally popular is the personality quiz. People love to interact and engage with content, so what better way than to create a fun quiz? Creating a quiz that can drive real sales leads is even better. There are a few steps to take when creating a quiz (other than copying someone else’s), to ensure its success, as well as online templates to get you started.

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A dozen things you didn’t know about Facebook

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With over 1.5 billion people regularly using Facebook, there’s pressure on the developers at Facebook to constantly come up with new features and products, so it can be hard to keep up with this social media storm. Even if you think you know it all, there’s probably a whole bunch of tips, tricks and interesting things you didn’t know you could do on your Facebook page or profile. So let’s look at a few, shall we? Did you know you can make your online video c

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How to develop a social media sharing schedule

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Everyone knows that social media is a great tool to drive traffic to your website, but it’s not as simple as posting when you feel like it and hoping for the best. Having a social media strategy can help you understand how your business can benefit from the power of social media – and a schedule is a great place to start. Having a social media sharing schedule can double your traffic, by providing your audience with targeted and valuable information that will ke

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How Twitter ads can increase your customer base

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Twitter is where hundreds of millions of people go to find out what’s going on in the world. Twitter ads are designed to help you reach and connect with this audience, to get results that add significant value to your business, 140 characters at a time. Using Twitter ads is an effective way to grow followers. Creating a Twitter campaign will help to build an engaged and connected audience. Most Twitter users (85%) say they feel more connected to small and medium-s

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