Keeping on top of the Twitter game

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Twitter can be an absolute mess to navigate through at the best of times. Fighting your way through teenage girls hearting almost everything they see, the hashtag wars which happen between celebrities with their noses out of joint and a plethora of information which people share about their personal lives, one can start to lose hope on how to use any of the information being posted on Twitter. The good news is there are now social media tools, free and paid for, out

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How to use Twitter video to your advantage

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Recently, the Twitter team has upped their game once again by introducing the Twitter video option. This app is one of the most prominent ways to promote and connect with your customers online. The video offering is just one more way in which you will now be able to connect with your target audience via social media. Here are a few ways in which you can use Twitter video to your advantage. How to use Twitter video  Using Twitter video is a fairly straight forward p

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Three things you need to stop doing on Twitter

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You can’t kick-start any social media marketing strategy with guidelines, rules and regulations for the people who will be posting on behalf of your company. Whether you’re new to the social media marketing ball game or you’ve been tweeting up a storm for a while, make sure you aren’t engaging in these common no-no’s on Twitter: Upsetting people Sure, a controversial tweet will get more engagement than something dull, but do you really want your brand to b

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Are you monitoring your brand on Twitter? Read these digital marketing tips

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Social media marketing is all about engaging with your online community. If you’re posting content on social media, you better have a monitoring system or tool in place that allows you to monitor what people are saying with you and how they are engaging with your content. According to, 66.7% of all brand mentions on social media happens on Twitter, making it vital for you to keep track of what’s being said.  Here are a few ways to monitor your

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Social media marketing tips: How to use Twitter hashtags effectively

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Twitter is a great place to network, chat and spread your content. If you’ve got a social media marketing plan that includes Twitter, then it’s worth your while to use hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags are usually a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign. When you click on the phrase, all the other tweets with the same hashtag will appear. This allows Twitter users to follow a conversation about a certain topic of interest. Here are a few things to keep in m

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Twitter: Make this social media platform work better for you

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There is no denying that, amongst all social media platforms used by businesses to connect with their customers, Twitter has become the most popular. This is by and large because of their 140 character limit, which makes it easy for people to follow the new developments of a company without having to read lengthy blogs or articles. Blogs and articles still have a place in social media marketing strategies, though, and shouldn’t be done away with completely, but no

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