Get social and get selling with strategic social media marketing tips

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Everyone and their grandmother seem to have a smartphone these days. In fact, the scope of smartphone users is growing to include much older and much younger users than ever before and you know what that means for your business? It means that you have more social media marketing opportunities than ever before. If your business isn’t performing as you thought it would on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, then it’s time to

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Why Snapchat is the next big thing in digital marketing

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Ever wonder why people on your Facebook or Instagram feed have dogs on their faces? It’s called the puppy filter and it’s becoming an increasingly popular app. This new image and video based app change the game completely when it comes to real-time video and picture sharing on social media and in the digital marketing sector – it’s the must-have app for your business.   Snapchat is taking over the marketing world Snapchat is a great way of showcasin

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Digital marketing tips: Grow your e-commerce business over the festive season

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“Festive season” – the other f-word! While the period is supposed to be cheerful and jovial, it can often lead to significant stress, family feuds, and financial pressure. Add to that the anxiety of business year-end functions and the awareness of politically-correct greetings, and it is no wonder that more and more consumers are turning to online shopping to ease at least one aspect of this jolly time of the year. Make sure that your e-commerce business maxim

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Why having a digital marketing strategy is so important:

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Having a digital marketing strategy is vital for your business: it shows you have a clear indication of where you see your business, it also indicates ways you can improve its social online presence. Having a digital marketing strategy can soon have a positive effect on your business.   What is a digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy helps you strategize where exactly your business can feature. It can also assist you to improve your online pr

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The Inside Guide to Location Marketing

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Location marketing is revolutionary. Businesses today understand that they must work hard to win new customers. The old way of doing this was to call for the attention of potential clients either through advertising boards, or newspaper and television adverts. The problem with much of that promotional activity was that marketers did not know whose attention they were getting, whether they were being listened to, or even if they were being heard. Marketing dreams are

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Unlocking LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the platforms available for use for your social media marketing. As the largest professional social networks with over 175 million active users, LinkedIn means business. In 2011, figures showed that 1.8 billion (yes, with a “b”) business leads were generated through LinkedIn. Put Yourself Out There One of the best methods of being noticed on LinkedIn is to post original content. This form of content marketing puts you in the hot seat for findi

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