What Social Media Marketing is all about

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Trends on the web changes quite fast. What was considered good a couple of years ago (frames), is now considered old school.  Search engines change their algorithms frequently and it has become necessary to constantly research changes on the net and new trends.  Especcially if you are into internet marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is at the forefront of internet marketing and it is quite an exciting trend to be part of.  It is a worldwide phenomena.  Social Media Marketing focuses on marketing communication, branding and the social interaction with your target market. SMM fosters two way communications rather than a one way broadcast of your marketing message like in the old days.  Social Media Marketing makes use of online tools such as De.li.cio.us, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Blogs, Forums, etc. To get the best results from SMM takes time and dedication.  It’s really not a quick and easy way to conduct business.  It’s all about building  lasting relationships that later can result in business deals or sales leads.  Social Media Marketing makes use of multiple venues and multiple media types found online.  These media types can include audio, videos, content and even images (Flickr).  The goal of these online tools is to engage and interact in many places and in many ways. SMM gives people and businesses a chance to ask questions, talk, learn, network, bookmark, vote share information and opinions, give feedback on other social activities around a given topic, etc.  It’s not about marketing directly or selling. Social Media Marketing can be used to: Create a buzz online Use Blogs, Twitter and YouTube videos to attract attention to a product, service or an event.  The key here is to make it fun and interesting.  Not about sales. Build a following Use Social Networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace to build a loyal fan base that you can reach out to.  LinkedIn is more focused on professional relationships (connections) than Facebook or MySpace.  Youcan also build your fan base by Blogging. Engage Interaction and conversation is at the heart of social media.  The best way to start the conversation is by blogging and listening to what other people have to say. Social Media Marketing is not advertising.  It is also not fully controlled by the organization.  It strives to interact and it encourages participation. It is a marketing campaign not built on control but rather on honesty and respect. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding Social Media Marketing Please follow and like...

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You, Social Networking and your business?

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Websites like Digg.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Mixx, Stumbleupon and others, are perfect to accelerate the quick promotion or your blog or website providing you have very strong content. First, you need to submit your content to those websites, by including a SEO optimised description and the users will rate the articles they like, hopefully sharing them. A large social site such as Digg.com, can bring you hundreds of visitors in a less than 48 hours. Social bookmarking is a useful marketing tool for website promotion, internet marketing, blog marketing and viral marketing.   Thus, an informative and creative website will achieve a higher position in search engines due to the traffic generated. As more back links a website has, the higher it will be ranked by search engines. By using multiple keywords, you can tag multiple categories.   Other benefits of using social bookmarking sites are: People with similar preferences can find each other, creating communities  based on certain topics and interests; Social networking allows  specific groups (the members of an organization, for example) to send free to one another various resources of common interest; Social networking help people to discover new aspects of a subject they are interested in, by staying in touch with other online users;   Content is King It should be considered that those visitors don’t watch advertisements and don’t post the nicest comments if they are not comfortable with your content. It has been proved that 1% is the number of those who can become potential subscribers of a blog if they like and appreciate the things they read about;  On the other hand, when people like what they are reading, they send backlinks to your content by posting some interesting facts about your website/ blog. If you manage to write some articles good enough to reach Digg.com homepage, you can get as many subscribers as you’d get in 6 months without using this kind of promotion.  Search engines usually index the most relevant and recent information. The higher a website’s position, the more visitors it is likely to receive. When a larger number of websites link to the content submitted, Google’s algorithms will analyze it, establishing if it has strong and relevant content. Each social bookmarking website will link back to your website, so it’s recommended to submit it to several social networks or work with a social media expert and develop a well thought through interlinking strategy to make it work for you. Most people search for topics of interest by using both search engines and social networks.  If the content submitted is highly rated, it will appear on the front page, generating an incredibly large amount of visitors that search that page daily. Social bookmarking is free and...

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Social Media: document sharing with slideshare

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The same way you can share photos and images on Flicr and videos on YouTube, you can share your presentations on Slideshare and other similar document sharing services.  These document sharing websites converts large PPT (powerpoint format) presentations to friendly Flash movie files that is compact and fast loading as it is hosted on their domain. It is a proven fact that slideshow presentations are better than text alone and very different than a video.  You can create and use online presentations to increase brand loyalty, for training purposes, keeping your clients informed, improve customer satisfaction or even providing help guides for prospective clients. Microsoft estimates that more than 30 million presentations are made around the world with Powerpoint every day.  That is quite a big number.  Recycle your old presentations and post them on these document sharing websites online.  Just like videos, these presentations can easily be embedded in websites and blogs. Some of these tools even allows you to have audio in them so that you can turn them into a webinar. Some will use a separate audio file that you can synchronize to your slide presentation. Additional features on these websites allows you to set the permissions of these files.  Setting the option to public viewable will allow others to use it as a resource.  If you do this, include your website URL with a bio included in the presentation to help drive traffic to your online profiles.  Visitors who are interested in what you have said or explained will follow the links back to your website. You can also protect your presentation from private viewing.  You can direct clients to these presentations and then talk them through your presentation. SlideShare.net AuthorStream.com SlideBoom.com MyPlick.com SlideServe.com SlideSix.com Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding social media document sharing tools. Please follow and like...

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Personalizing Your YouTube Channel To Promote Your Business

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YouTube is a video sharing site that gives its users the ability to upload and view videos online. The obvious benefit of using YouTube is that videos have the potential of becoming viral, getting passed from website to website, e-mail to e-mail or even from one blog to the next. According to Nielsen/NetRating, YouTube consistently ranks in the top 10 of all websites; therefore having a well optimized and personalized channel on YouTube can give you incomparable exposure for your products and services on the internet. What is a YouTube Channel? In simple terms a channel is a name for a user’s profile which other users can access to see which videos you have uploaded, subscribe to your videos and see which your favorite are. The obvious benefit of using a channel is that it can be personalized to reflect the personality of your products and services. Here is how you can personalize your channel; Channel Info – Here you can enter your title and description for your channel page. Personalizing this section can help you optimize your videos so that they get found when people search for related videos. Channel Design – this is where you can change the look and feel of your channel. You can select a color scheme that suits your products and services that you are trying to promote. Personal Info – This section lets you enter personal information to be displayed on your channel. You can use this section to provide information about the products and services you are trying to promote. Location Info – This is where you enter the location of your business. It is essential to also enter your ZIP codes. Vlog (Video Blog) – Lastly you can also create a personal video journal that will be accessible to anyone visiting your channel. Please follow and like...

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How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 40 million members and growing. LinkedIn gives its users the opportunity to explore various online business opportunities, establish a professional business profile, stay in touch with workmates and friends. However most small to medium size businesses in South Africa seem to be missing the bandwagon, so I have compiled a list of ways in which they can use LinkedIn to add value to their businesses Learn & Share – With LinkedIn you can ask or answer questions. You can also connect with relevant groups to discuss matters that pertain to your business. Search for job candidates – This can be done based on references from recommenders. You should consider hiring candidates with lots of good recommendations Networking opportunities – LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with potential business partners for instance you can search for potential suppliers or distributers of your products and services. The smart thing about LinkedIn is that your network members can recommend connections to you. Brand Building & search engine visibility – Your LinkedIn profile will be presented in the search results every time someone searches for your name. This will improve your search engine visibility and help you with online brand building. Industry events – LinkedIn will let you know of relevant events taking place in your industry such as tradeshows, conferences, and training events. This will keep you in the loop and updated. Please follow and like...

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Using Twitter To Grow Your Business

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Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s followers. Twitter may have started as a micro-blogging service; however, it has grown into much more than a simple social gizmo to a powerful business tool. Here is how you can use twitter to improve your business Always put a link back to your website from your tweets. You can use your twitter updates  to ask your followers about their opinion on your products/services or how you can improve Always follow & network with like minded people as you are likely to bounce ideas off each other Twitter gives you free publicity for your business How to get people to follow you on twitter Always post sensible tweets that are related to your industry Complete your one-line bio. This will give more information about your business to people looking to follow you Follow others they are most likely to follow you in return. Add twitter to your other social media profiles, blog or website. You can leverage this audience to increase your followers Please follow and like...

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