LinkedIn commits social media faux pas: Encourages boastful updates

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After reaching a 200 million member milestone this week, social media network LinkedIn sent emails to its members thanking them for the role they played in growing the platform. Some members were also sent emails congratulating them for having the top 1% and 5% most viewed profiles. On the face of it, this seems like a clever strategy, appealing to the vanity of LinkedIn users. However, LinkedIn was criticised for encouraging users to tweet this information. By clic

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LinkedIn launches a new look for profiles

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LinkedIn recently revamped its home feeds and introduced endorsements. Now it looks like LinkedIn profiles will soon follow suit. This week LinkedIn gave a sneak peek of the new design for personal profiles. The new profile is aimed at simplification and aims to help users grow their networks with more insight. Aaron Bronzan, a product manager wrote on the LinkedIn Blog that the profiles will be rolled out over the next few months. The professional networking site w

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LinkedIn has launched endorsements

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LinkedIn has officially launched their new “Endorsements” feature, which is the business networking version of Facebook’s Like or Google’s +1. The feature has been launched to English members in Australia, the US, New Zealand and India, but it will available to more countries and languages within the next few weeks. The idea behind LinkedIn Endorsements is that you can endorse a person’s experience and skills (which kind of makes it like Klout’s +K featu

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Twitter dumps LinkedIn… and Instagram is next

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In the past, we could update our LinkedIn profiles via our Twitter accounts by simply linking the two accounts and including a LinkedIn hashtag at the end of our tweets. Last month, Twitter put a stop to that, forcing users to go to Twitter to see and interact with tweets. While many people were unhappy about this new development, it doesn’t look like Twitter is backing down. Towards the end of July, Twitter started to disable the ability of Instagram users to fin

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How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has grown to include more than 100 million users worldwide.  It is based on the principle that every person is connected to one another by no more than six degrees of separation from everybody else.  In other words, individuals can connect with one another simply by utilizing their network of contacts.  LinkedIn keeps track of who knows whom and provides a means to connect people based on professional expertise, needs, and interests. Simply having a Link

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