Hidden LinkedIn Hacks You Need To Know (Part 2)

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Many of our clients have the basics of LinkedIn down. They know how to create compelling, professional profiles, how to share content, join groups, and how to get in touch with the people they want to do business with. Here are a few more tricks that you might not be aware of: Master @Mention By Using The Company Name As Well Joining groups and commenting on articles is a great way to get yourself noticed on LinkedIn. Not only does this show that you are helpful, but also that you are a supportive part of the community. If you are replying to someone in a comment thread or the author of a post, be sure to @ their name so that they get a notification. If you type in the first few letters of the person’s name, make sure you are choosing the right person by looking at the title and the company that they work for (it will appear in grey underneath the name options). Use Saved Searches To Minimise The Dreaded Commercial Use Limit If you regularly search for new connections, then you may find that you quickly reach LinkedIn’s “Commercial Use Limit”. You can avoid this by saving your searches. Save your searches for “vice president” AND “marketing” in the Information Technology sector, for example, you can scroll down the page and on the right-hand side, you will see an option to “Create a Saved Search”. When you create a saved search, it will create a weekly alert that can be sent to you via email. Once a week, LinkedIn will send you a list of members who meet the search criteria. WSI OMS offers the best LinkedIn marketing services in South Africa. Contact us for a consultation today. Please follow and like...

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Hidden LinkedIn Hacks You Need To Know (Part 1)

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Think you are a pro at LinkedIn networking? Here are a few hacks and tips that you might not be aware of: Use Your Follow Page URL You don’t need to connect with everyone. When you share the post’s public URL, they will be taken to a short excerpt and photo of your blog post. On the left-hand side of the excerpt, your photo and a follow button will appear. This way, you won’t be asking everyone to necessarily connect with you on LinkedIn (which may be a big ask for some), but you are giving people quick and easy access to your follow button, which will keep your brand in front of their eyes in future. Right Click Is Your Friend If you have a long list of potential connections, they will be displayed with a photo and a headline underneath each other. To keep your search list intact, right click on the name so that it opens in a new search bar. Doing this means you can flick back and forth between tabs instead of opening new profiles and having to go back to find your original search list. Manage Your Invites From The Manage Invites Page Under the “My Network” button, you will find your LinkedIn invites. You will see a list of people with Ignore/Accept next to their names. Once again, you can right click on their names so that their profiles open in a new tab. Review their profiles before deciding whether you want to accept or ignore. Withdraw Invites Not Accepted After 30 Days If you go to “My Network” and click on “Manage All”, you will see the invites you have received. Next to the ‘received’ list, you will see a ‘sent’ list. This will show you a list of invitations you have sent out that have not been accepted yet. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you may find invites that you sent out over a month ago that have not been accepted. Consider withdrawing the invite by clicking on the ‘withdraw’ button next to their name. You can also use the little checkbox next to their profiles to withdraw multiple invites at the same time. WSI OMS offers the best LinkedIn marketing services in South Africa. Contact us for a consultation today. Please follow and like...

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The Power Of The Three Little Dots On LinkedIn

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Many of our blog’s readers are already very familiar with LinkedIn. We have noticed, however, that some people are still not reaping the full benefits because they do not have a solid grasp on the post sharing settings. Read our top three must-knows: The Company Follow Page Is Hidden On The Company Pages You have to find a company’s LinkedIn page and then click on the three dots in the top right corner to find the follow button. Many people who are not used to following company pages on LinkedIn might look around the page and click away when they do not see the “follow” button front and centre. Make sure you tell people where to find this follow button (it is under the three dots!). Consider including a screenshot of the profile and add an arrow so that they know where to look when they visit your company’s LinkedIn page. Share The Company Post URL, Not The Actual Company Page Post If you are creating blogs or posting content to your page, then most people (including your staff) will click on the “Share” button underneath the post on your LinkedIn timeline. If you click on the tiny three dots on the top right side of the post, you will see the option “copy link to post”. This is a public link. And, wherever you share the URL, they will not only see the post image and excerpt, but also a “follow” button to your company page, which will appear on the left-hand side of the post. This is a much more powerful way to share content because it will promote your LinkedIn profile instead of sending people directly to the article on your blog. Copy The Link To Your Posts And Share It Outside Of LinkedIn When you copy the link to your post (by getting the URL when you click on the three little dots), you should share this post outside of LinkedIn on Twitter, Facebook, in blog posts, in the comments of a YouTube video, etc. Anyone who sees it can click on it and view that post. The only way this will work is if you change the settings underneath the post to be “public” instead of for your connections only. WSI OMS offers the best LinkedIn marketing services in South Africa. Contact us for a consultation today. Please follow and like...

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Using LinkedIn To Find A Job? Avoid These Words In Your Profile:

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According to Statistics South Africa, there were about 6,0 million people without jobs in 2018, putting the unemployment rate at 26,7%. If you are one of the many people looking for a job, then you need to make sure you have a LinkedIn profile that will compel recruiters and businesses to contact you. Some words on your LinkedIn profile can actually be detrimental to securing a job interview. If you are being looked over for jobs that you are well-suited for, then make sure your LinkedIn headline does not contain these three words: “Actively Seeking Opportunities” Many people mistakenly believe that if they put these words in their LinkedIn headline, recruiters will be more likely to contact them for job opportunities. Recruiters search for keywords when they are browsing LinkedIn for job seekers, and they are looking for transferable skill sets. “Actively seeking opportunities” is not a skill set that they are ever going to be looking for. Instead of highlighting your availability, focus on highlighting your hard skills instead. Your LinkedIn headline is valuable real estate. If you show up in a recruiter’s search, the recruiter will see your headline and your photo. If all that is listed in your headline is “actively seeking opportunities”, then it could be a major turn-off for recruiters. WSI OMS offers professional LinkedIn profile writing services for everyone from job seekers to business owners. Contact us if you want to up your social media marketing game with a professionally written profile. Please follow and like...

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Top Tips to Creating High Engagement LinkedIn Posts

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People who have a large, highly engaged audience on Facebook and other platforms often report that their content simply is not getting a lot of clicks and shares on LinkedIn. Here are some top tips to create a high engagement in your LinkedIn posts: Don’t Use The Platform For One-Way Communication All too often, people launch a LinkedIn strategy and only focus on the content that they are going to be posting. Many business people are guilty of posting thought leadership pieces or links to their company’s promotions without ever checking in to see whether their followers are engaging with them online. To truly get value from LinkedIn, you need to spark discussions. You can do this by asking for feedback, responding to comments on your post and posting your own comments on the content that you are sharing. Be friendly and open to discussion and see how your engagement skyrockets. Post Directly To LinkedIn Instead Of Driving Traffic Elsewhere A common content marketing strategy is to create blog posts and then post the links to various social media profiles, including LinkedIn. There is value in posting blogs and thought leadership pieces directly to LinkedIn instead of trying to get a person to click on a link that will take them off the site and to your website. You don’t have to write long form content for this to work either. LinkedIn’s native content system enables you to create short stories that can grab your audience’s attention without forcing them to click to a different site. While this won’t boost the traffic to your website, it can help you build a long-term relationship with your LinkedIn followers. Keep It Short And Sweet According to research by Mediakix, people spend an average of 40 minutes a day on YouTube, 35 Minutes a day on Facebook, 15 minute a day on Instagram and 1 minute a day on Twitter. LinkedIn, however, is not a place where people spend a lot of their time online, with the majority of people using it less than two hours a week. When people get onto LinkedIn, they browse fast and efficiently, with video content dominating the screen. Keep your posts short and easy to digest for the best engagement rate on LinkedIn. Need help with your LinkedIn marketing or social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Your Guide To Creating More Meaningful Thought Leadership Content For LinkedIn

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With an increasing number of brands and business people trying to show their thought leadership online, the internet has become flooded with content. The result is that LinkedIn especially is flooded with content pieces and thought leadership pieces that get lost in cyberspace. To cut through the clutter and get your content under the eyes of potential clients, you need to make sure you have something meaningful to say. People are becoming increasingly disappointed in the quality of thought leadership content being published, with authors rehashing old ideas, opinions and research instead of contributing something new. One way to do this is to know what type of content is the most popular on LinkedIn. Industry trends, news, best practices and jobs are known to be the types of LinkedIn content that are clicked on the most. Understand your company’s place in the market, your target audience and your skills when you start drafting a thought leadership piece on these topics. If there is a new trends report or statistics that you want to do a thought leadership piece on, look for a unique angle on the topic within the constraints of your unique position and perspective in the market. Instead of trying to push out more content to increase your engagement, it is often better to post less and spend your time focusing on creating high-impact content for your followers. You can also consider spending money on media placement to get your thought leadership pieces seen by more people instead of creating more content. Need help with your LinkedIn marketing or social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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