Facebook’s Exciting New Easter Eggs

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Over the past few years, Facebook has consistently surprised its users with exciting new features and quirks. And it certainly didn’t disappoint this time around either! It has just added a multitude of hidden Easter eggs that you can unlock by typing in special words on the platform. Basically, when you add certain words into your status or comments, colourful animations pop up, making the whole Facebook experience that much more entertaining. Which Words?  So, you’re keen to see for yourself? According to social media marketing experts, some of the special words include “xoxo”, “congratulations”, “rad,” “bff,” “lmao,” and “thank you so much.” If the same experts are to be believed, Facebook doesn’t plan on stopping there. There are sure to be plenty more to come because of the social media platform’s quest to continue to spice up its users’ news feeds. Other Updates  Other new Facebook updates include animated Facebook reactions. When a user clicks on a notification of a reaction to one of their posts, they will be navigated back to it, and all the person’s friends’ reactions will animate, flooding the screen. Along with this, Facebook has also notified the world of its intention to develop and release an array of newly animated emojis. In short, animation and social media marketing are huge right now! Perhaps it’s time for business owners to start thinking about how they can capitalise on this trend when it comes to their own social media marketing efforts? Looking for assistance in terms of growing and maintaining your social media following or boosting your online marketing strategy? Digital marketing experts at WSI OMS are here to help. Contact us today to learn all about our broad range of services. Please follow and like...

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5 ways to make Facebook ads work for your social media marketing

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While other social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat continue to rise in popularity, Facebook continues to be one of the key places that you need to be active as part of your social media marketing strategy. However, with so much competition from other brands offering services similar to yours (as well as Facebook’s own continuously shifting algorithms that determine where your ads are placed in people’s news feeds and how often they are seen), Facebook advertising can be extremely difficult to get right. If you are making use of paid advertising on Facebook, but aren’t seeing the results that you would like, these tips can help you to optimise your campaigns: Use the Facebook tracking pixel to measure your goals Firstly, you need to have clear goals for your Facebook marketing campaign. Do you want more likes for your page, or do you want people to take a specific action such as visit your online shop or enter a competition? By deciding on a goal, and then installing your Facebook tracking pixel to capture data, you can then work out how best to configure your campaign so that it is seen by the correct target market, to achieve your goals. Don’t boost specific posts, rather aim for page likes Paid post boosts don’t give you good return on investment in terms of engagement, plus there is little longevity. Rather use campaigns that focus on getting page likes. Take a look at the demographic that likes, comments or otherwise engages with your page the most. Create a ‘page like’ campaign that specifically targets that demographic. This way, any engagement with your page is also more likely to be seen by others in that same demographic group, which boosts your organic reach. Work on writing effective headlines With the way Facebook is saturated with images, links and adverts it is essential that your headline stands out. You have 25 characters to make an impact with a Facebook advertising headline. It should be punchy, but at the same time not confusing. If in doubt, rather opt for a headline that is clear rather than clever. A picture speaks a thousand words For the same reason that headlines are important, you need to put a lot of thought and testing into the images that you use for your Facebook posts. In order to determine what kinds of images work best for your business, you should be testing different images in your campaigns and comparing the levels of engagement you get. Compare photographs vs graphics, different colour schemes, lifestyle vs still life, photo filters and contrast, to determine the type of image that is right for you. Don’t forget your overall marketing goals...

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Why Facebook Marketplace will Enhance your Social Media Marketing

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Latest data from statistica indicates that an average person spends slightly more than 100 minutes a day on social media. Interestingly, around 60% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Small businesses loose potential sales if they do not use social media effectively in their digital marketing strategies. Luckily, with the launch of Facebook marketplace, selling on social media is no longer about posting sales messages and spamming followers with discount codes. Below are some tips you can use to sell more within Facebook. Have a good product image and size Ensure you have quality images with good resolution and the right sizes that meet Facebook’s requirements. This will ensure that your product images appear perfectly in your shop. Link your Facebook and e-commerce accounts When the product listing is ready, it is time to link your e-commerce account with your Facebook account. By creating a “Shop Tab” or “Buy Tab”, people can now be able to view the products and still buy. Add shop tab to the page To set up the much tab on your Facebook page is not difficult. Go to ‘settings’ tab and select ‘Edit page’. When you click on ‘Edit”, it will provide and scroll down options on templates. Select the ‘shopping template’, view the details and then click on ‘apply template’. The set up is now complete and any potential customer can view your products by clicking on the store’s shop tab. Social media marketing is not difficult- and you don’t have to do everything at once. Just get started and be creative in your digital marketing strategies. Additionally, keep your social media marketing plan current. By following these tips, you can start selling more on social media. Are you looking for expert digital marketing services for your business? Contact us today for help, advice strategies that work! Please follow and like...

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Facebook Advertising – mistakes that could waste your budget

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Paid advertising can be a very lucrative part of your Facebook marketing strategy – if done right. There are a few common mistakes that could cost you a lot of money. It helps to know from the outset what you shouldn’t do, so that you can concentrate on what you should do and get the best ROI from Paid Facebook Advertising.   Some common Facebook marketing mistakes  Not being specific enough. Facebook advertising allows you to target a particular demographic. However, a common mistake that people make is going for numbers rather than focusing on their target market. This usually results in large spend versus few conversions. Targeting the wrong market. Have you done your market research, or are you acting on assumptions? Knowing who your market is, what they like and don’t like, is essential for any kind of marketing or ad campaign. It’s a core aspect of strategy and c campaign design. Don’t skip it. Always going for ‘conversions’ straight out of the gate instead of ‘engagement’ or ‘traffic’. Facebook gives you the option of choosing what your ad is for – and understandably most people choose ‘conversions’. Of course you want sales, but…have you forgotten what underpins a successful marketing campaign? Yes – Brand Awareness. Consider choosing ‘traffic’ or ‘lead generation’ as your objective and structure your ad accordingly. Build your potential customer base without asking them to spend money. Always going for new customers instead of aiming ads specifically at the people who Like your page already: your ‘fans’. Do both, see what works and create balance in your marketing efforts. The above are some of the most common mistakes people make – sucked in by the promise of reaching ‘millions’ of people worldwide. Avoid these, and you are on your way to potentially making a mint from Facebook advertising. Contact us at WSI OMS to help you design and implement a Facebook advertising campaign push as part of your social media marketing strategy. Please follow and like...

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9 Fast Facts about Facebook

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When it comes to social media marketing, everyone knows that Facebook is king! Can you believe that this social media powerhouse has been in existence for 13 years already? To celebrate, we have compiled a list of 9 fast facts about Facebook you probably didn’t know before. Enjoy!   Facebook’s First Major Investor  The first major investor in the platform was PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel. Way back in 2004, he took the plunge and invested $500,000 in the blooming company. A couple of years after Facebook became a household name, he sold his shares for over $1 billion. That’s quite a profit!   There’s a Reason Why Facebook’s Logo is Blue  It’s not just because it looks good – Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colour blindness!   Facebook Security  Changing your Facebook password regularly is recommended because over 600 000 hacking attempts are made on the platform every single day!   It’s All about the Smartphone  According to recent stats, most smartphone users use their phone to check Facebook on average 14 times a day.   The Like Button Almost Didn’t Exist  Before Mark Zuckerberg made the final judgement call, the ‘Like’ button was originally going to be called the ‘Awesome’ button.   Blocking  You can block anyone on Facebook… expect for Mark Zuckerberg himself!   It’s Ever-Growing  8 new people from all around the globe join Facebook every second. That’s approximately 7,246 people every 15 minutes!   Fake Profiles  According to research, over 8.7% of all profiles on Facebook are fake.   Facebook Likes The ‘Like’ button is used 1.8 million times every minute.   Looking at some of these facts, it’s no wonder why countless businesses rely on Facebook for effective social media marketing! If you would like assistance when it comes to embracing this aspect of your digital marketing strategy, do not hesitate to give us a call at WSI OMS! Please follow and like...

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Mistakes businesses make on their Facebook page – and how to avoid them

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Social media marketing is both a science and an art that requires plenty of trial-and-error at first. Luckily, WSI OMS is here to save you time by providing you with expert insight into the most common mistakes that businesses make on their Facebook page – and how best to avoid them.     Deleting negative feedback  Deleting negative feedback makes it seem like you’ve got something to hide, and that you aren’t concerned with making sure that all your customers are happy with the products/services that you provide. Turn negative feedback into something positive by doing everything in your power to compensate for whatever reason your customer is feeling unhappy. The rest of your followers will appreciate and admire this more than you think.   Being inconsistent  So many things in life are inconsistent – don’t let your Facebook page be one of those things! If you want to nurture your following and make sure that it keeps on growing, consistency is key. Post regularly, reply to comments and messages as soon as you receive them and do all that you can to encourage further engagement… the more creative you get, the better!   Posting too often  Don’t be like that annoying friend on Facebook who posts a status update every time he or she visits the bathroom. Unless you make an effort to schedule your posts wisely, you run the risk of incurring more unlikes and unfollows: Don’t post more than 3 per day Don’t post all at once, rather schedule your postings throughout the day.   For more information on how we can help you with social media marketing, social media marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, link building, PPC and digital marketing as well as online advertising in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please follow and like...

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