5 Social Media Tips for the Holidays

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With 2019 coming to an end, it is time to consider your social media marketing strategy for the upcoming holidays. If you want to stand out from the usual kitsch festive season advertising, here are five different tips and tricks to place you ahead of the game: Give Your Customers the Head Start  You can start by letting your customers know that you are there to make their holidays better. Reconnect with your existing customers as early as possible – without the hard sell. During the festive season, you can start aggressively advertising by making offers your customers won’t be able to resist.   Give Your Social Media Platforms a Festive Season Makeover In order to get your customers hyped and excited for the festive season, give your Facebook chatbot (and your other social media avatars) a fun holiday makeover to showcase your customer appreciation. You’d be surprised how engaging such a simple action can be.  Consider Collaborating with a Like-Minded Social Media Influencer  To generate better results (and to potentially boost your sales), reach out to a popular social media influencer who can help you market to a wider audience. Brainstorm one or more fun and creative collaborative campaigns you can execute during the holiday season.  Go Live on Facebook You can use holiday-themed Facebook Live videos to engage with your audience. Facebook tends to favour content that generates social interaction, particularly conversations between people in the comments on the page’s posts. Gather your team together and come up with ‘out the box’ fun and creative ideas to engage with your customers and to ensure that your brand remains not only at the top of their feeds, but also at the front of their minds.  Create Holiday-Themed Content  Draw up a social media calendar for the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year. Come up with holiday-themed content based on your brand’s goals for this period. You can look at running a competition or two, creating fun themed surveys for your customers to complete or even posting funny holiday memes. Need some inspiration for your year-end marketing? Contact us today for more information. Please follow and like...

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Social Marketing Tip: Make the Most of LinkedIn’s Search Functionalities

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few steps for using LinkedIn to find and connect with any business executive or any company that you want to promote your business to. Connect at the Right Level The first step to getting the most out of LinkedIn is to use the LinkedIn search functionality. You can search for a specific person, a company or even search by job titles in a location. Keep in mind who it is that’s going to be using your products or services. Instead of going to the very top of the organisation chart and then getting kicked back down, start thinking who at the mid to senior level is going to use your services and start looking up those individuals. If you have a software as a service product for social media marketers, for example, you are going to look up social media managers, social media directors and perhaps even a VP of social media. If you start going too high up the organisational chart to a chief executive officer, for example, it would probably get harder to connect and engage. Join Industry Groups The next tip is to join industry groups. LinkedIn has thousands of groups, not simply based on the industry, but also based on locations. If you’re looking to grow your local professional social network in the city or town where you do business, just run a quick search for that city or town. If you are in a specific industry and you’re looking to connect with more professionals in your space or in your industry, look up that industry and start joining groups. You can join up to fifty groups. This allows you to, within each of these groups, to post content and engage in discussions. And, more importantly, by being a member of these groups, you now have direct access to send an email or connection request to anyone within the group itself. Are you interested in social media marketing techniques and strategies to enhance your reputation and help you prospect for new leads? WSI OMS offers a range of digital and social media marketing services that can be customised for your business. Contact us for more information today. Please follow and like...

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How to Make Your Social Marketing Strategy More Personable

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It’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks, if not the most important social network for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. The reason for this is the sheer size of LinkedIn’s database, which now boasts over 600 million professional users spread around the world. With so many people on the platform, how do you make connections that put your brand and marketing messages in front of more people? As anyone who has been doing social marketing for a while will know, it’s all about building relationships. Here are a few ways to start: Stay on Top of Your Client’s News  Find content related to the company that you’re trying to market to. The easiest way to do this is to set up a Google Alert. If you have a Google Alert set up for that company, you will be notified by email any time that company gets a mention in the news. Use that Content to Your Advantage Let’s face it, no one wants to be prospected. They want to be engaged! And, with the keyword in social media being “social”, you should find a way to socialise. The easiest way to do that is to congratulate or acknowledge your prospects based on company news and announcements that are public. This is something that you will be able to do on an ongoing basis thanks to the Google Alerts that you set up. What you are going to do is go back to your prospect, and in your dialogue with them, mention the news. Here’s an example of a message you will send them:  “Hi Brad,  I just saw on Business Insider that your company was named one of the top ten corporations in your industry – congratulations! Hey, by the way, if you have a few minutes, I’d love to hop on a call with you next week to see how business is doing.” It’s easy to see how the above interaction is different from just approaching someone and trying to market to them. Focus on the Individual The next tip is to make your conversations less about the company and more about the individual. Every single person at any company has a professional goal that might not necessarily be tied to the company goal, but it’s their goal and it’s important to them. If you really want to get down and dirty and be an amazing digital marketer, you have to make marketing personable. Really get to know your prospects, find out when they will be going to conferences, whether they are travelling to your city any time soon and how you can get more face time. Are you interested in digital and social marketing techniques...

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How to Get More Engagement on LinkedIn

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Are you slogging away at crafting content that gets minimal engagement? Then these social media marketing tips on how to get more views and better engagement on LinkedIn, are for you. Get Help from Your Friends When posting content to LinkedIn, the number of shares you get directly following your post impacts LinkedIn’s algorithm. If people are commenting and sharing within the first few hours, LinkedIn takes notice. A good social marketing tip would be to reach out to your friends and colleagues before you post an article. Ask them to like it to increase the number of people who will see your content in their news feeds. Post Directly into LinkedIn Posting someone else’s article on LinkedIn isn’t the best way to get engagement. This is because the reader then has to click on the article, go read it, go back to LinkedIn, and comment. As you can see, this just adds additional steps for them to engage with you. So, you actually get more engagement if you type your post directly into LinkedIn Publisher. Tips for Posting While LinkedIn does give you 1 300 characters, they only show the first three lines of what you’re writing to people. Given this, make sure you have a hook that will compel them to click and see the rest of your post.  Secondly, space out your text instead of having it in one big, thick paragraph. Content that is presented as a wall of text is hard to read and will not engage readers. Use subheads as well as shorter sentences and paragraphs to improve readability. Thirdly, it’s important to note that posts that perform well generally share a perspective. Whether it’s your opinion, personal experience or an interesting observation, make sure you’re adding something new to the conversation.  Are you interested in digital and social media marketing techniques and strategies to enhance your reputation and help you grow your brand online? WSI OMS offers a range of social and digital marketing services that can be customised for your business. Contact us for more information today. Please follow and like...

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Marketing on LinkedIn: Tips for Greater Post Engagement

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In this blog post, we will discuss all the secrets on how to make your LinkedIn posts get more views and more engagement. We will also cover tips about the LinkedIn algorithm that will be really helpful to make sure your posts are seen by more people, as well as discuss the psychological insights to help you understand what kinds of posts compel more people to engage with you. Invest in Native Content The first thing to know is that LinkedIn rewards native content. Native content means content that originates on that site. When you share native content, you’re not linking out to somewhere else. If you take a link from YouTube, for example, and post it on LinkedIn,  LinkedIn will show it to your network and you will get some engagement. But, if you film your own video and upload it directly to LinkedIn, LinkedIn will show it to way more people because they want to reward users for creating content on their platform instead of encouraging people to visit a different website. So, to get more engagement, upload your videos directly to LinkedIn. Another tip is to write your articles in LinkedIn publisher instead of linking out to a blog or article on another site.  Tips for Posting Articles When posting articles on the LinkedIn publisher, keep in mind that what will also help you get more engagement from people is content that is of very high quality. Writing high-quality content means including details, specific examples, screenshots and personal anecdotes and, of course, a fabulous attention-grabbing title always goes a long way in generating interest. And, on that note, two quick tips on how to have a great title are as follows: Have a number in it. Just having numbers in the title makes more people click. Show that you have a unique perspective. Having a different point of view to other digital marketers online or other people in your industry will pull the reader in.  This may sound a little bit clickbaity, but it works.  Get Engagement Quickly LinkedIn takes note of how many likes you get in the first few minutes and how quickly you’re ramping up likes on a post. It is for this reason that it is really important that you get that engagement quickly when you post something new. So, reach out to colleagues and ask them to like and share your content. Are you interested in social media and digital marketing techniques and strategies that will enhance your reputation and help you grow your brand online? WSI OMS offers a range of social media and digital marketing services that can be customised for your business. Contact us for more information today. Please follow and like...

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Law Firms

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Most law firms have at some time thought of implementing a digital marketing strategy. Many times, we see lawyers write blog posts and share them on social media, thinking that this constitutes a social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.   The old method of social media marketing for lawyers was to write a blog post on their website, promote the post on Facebook, hope somebody reads it and needs their help. They keep writing blogs, creating Facebook posts, boosting the post and hoping somebody calls, but it doesn’t work very well.   Another option that many law firms use is Facebook ads, which usually read like something along the following lines: “If you have questions about your custody, visitation or child support case, I have the answers. Let’s talk.” The problem with this type of post is that people don’t go to Facebook to look at ads; they’re there to look at pictures of their friends and family.   The drawback with this approach is that it doesn’t align with how a lawyer’s leads flow in your world. All you’re doing is getting people to click on your ad, potentially read your blog post, then leave your website and forget about you.   The ‘three-point marketing’ approach basically means that a person needs three touchpoints with your brand before they trust you enough to ask you for help. With the internet, the number of touchpoints that are needed has been upped to over 20! The chances of someone seeing your ad and needing your legal services in that particular moment is very low, which is why this approach to social media likely hasn’t yielded any results in the past.   When you take a more holistic approach to your social media marketing, the process is slightly different. For instance, say someone clicks on your Facebook ad, they get added to your Facebook audience and get prompted to download your free eBook. Upon downloading the eBook, they get added to your email list, and start receiving well-thought-out emails. They also see remarketing ads.   So, as you can see, you’re following up with them over and over and over again and you’re staying top of mind.   If you need help to create a holistic, impactful social media marketing strategy for your law firm, contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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