Static vs dynamic URLS for content pages and SEO

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Many of our clients have asked us whether their blogs and sites in general should have dynamic or static URLs. There seems to be a resistance to changing a site to static URLs unless there is solid SEO evidence that proves it is worth the developers’ time. We always like to highlight the user-friendliness of static URLs. It’s also valid to consider that user experience plays a very important role in SEO.   Dynamic URLs have dynamic or changing information t

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How your SEO and content strategy should reflect changing search intent

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It wasn’t long ago that you would type something like “Johannesburg restaurant” into Google. Nowadays, you can type something like “Where should I go for dinner?” into Google. This is because we have started to assume that search engines are smart enough to recognise intent. The question is: does your SEO strategy reflect this changing search behaviour? This is what the “topic cluster model” is all about. Topic clusters is an SEO strategy that focuses

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Web Design Tips to Create a Good Resource Centre

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Your website’s Resource Centre or blog archive page probably doesn’t get much thought or attention from your marketing or web design team. This is the page where all of your news stories, blog posts, company announcements and press releases get published. Resource Centre and blog archive pages get more links than individual posts. This makes sense because other websites are inclined to direct people to the freshest source of content on your site and this is the

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Small Business SEO Must-Knows

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SEO is a key marketing tool for small businesses across the globe. Milkwhale recently published an infographic about SEO facts for small businesses. Here are some key facts that are worth repeating: Google Is the Market Leader  Google accounts for 81% of all global desktop search traffic globally. Only 4.7% of search traffic comes from Yahoo and 7% from Bing. Some more interesting statistics about Google’s search traffic include:Google gets over 57,000 searches

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Why You Need a Buyer Persona – And How to Use It

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If your digital marketing strategy is targeted at the faceless masses, then you’re fighting a losing battle. This hit-and-miss strategy may seem like it will help you hit more birds with a single stone. However, the reality is that you will never really be hitting the mark when it comes to speaking to your ideal customer. A comprehensive buyer persona will help you to categorise your core customers according to their needs, likes and dislikes, spending habits, onl

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Why PR Is Important For SEO

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Gone are the days of spammy backlinks that penalise your website. We still, however, need to build up the backlinks from somewhere as part of good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and this is where PR comes in. Digital PR is all about building relationships with your brand, digital influencers, press publications and bloggers. Your main goal should be targeting your content towards highly credible online platforms. Not only does digital PR amplify and promote your d

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