Deciphering SEO

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George Orwell could not have made this up! Big brother is watching us in 2017. But it is not as much a case of cameras on the street corners as that we are willingly sharing our every move with the world via the wide web. Being psychic  Every keystroke or click we make is being noted. Advanced analytics lead to cognitive insights which accurately predict our digital behavior. This is how your wife knew she was getting Pandora for Christmas – all the time you spen

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Five Areas Your SEO Campaign Should Be Focusing On

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is considered the holy grail of digital marketing. In order to “win” the search engine ranking race, no digital marketing strategy is complete without attention being given to this pivotal aspect. However, as with so many holy grails, a lot of unnecessary mystery has been cast over it. We break it down into five areas on which you should be focusing. Search Engine Optimization Simplified Judicious website design, valuable c

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How to improve your web content

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With the digital marketing world becoming massively competitive and driven daily by content, the mindset is that well-written content generate a lot of website traffic. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: the reality is that competitors are doing the exact same thing.  Businesses are guilty of providing their audience with low-quality content that is neither informative nor conducive to building trust and credibility with their clients.   Research is y

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How to build a successful national SEO strategy

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Everyone wants to be on the first page of a Google search. It’s probably one of the most common requests that digital marketers receive. While taking the top position on a search engine (or as close to the top as possible) is by no means easy, the beauty of search engine optimisation is that it can be targeted by country, province and city. This increases the likelihood of a high Google ranking, as many internet users refine their search according to location. Bui

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Local Search Engine Optimisation

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Online marketing’s buzz phrase is – without a doubt – SEO. The competition has become fiercer since Google cut the Top 7 to just three listings and businesses are vying with advertisements in the local space too. Let’s take a look at local Search Engine Optimisation and see what we should and should not be doing to get into Google’s highly prized Top 3. On-site Optimisation and Links Regularly review and correct your on page SEO elements. Contact details s

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SEO is dead! Long live SEO.

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As we evolve more and more into a digital age, most marketers have included digital marketing as an essential element to their strategies. It is critical to keep up – or even ahead of – the times to safeguard that you aren’t lagging behind your competitors or getting stuck in a marketing rut. No area of inbound marketing gets hackles up more than SEO does. Critics of search engine optimization (SEO) go as far as saying that if it is not dead now, it will b

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