How important is your landing page?

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There’s a wealth of information out there for small businesses and marketers on how to optimise their landing pages to improve conversion rates. Sadly, you can’t trust everything you read online, so bad information could lead to bad decisions which ultimately are to the detriment of your business. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about landing pages:Low conversion rates = problems with your landing pageYou can improve your conversion rates wi

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Look at your competitors for digital marketing inspiration

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Knowledge is power To benchmark is to “evaluate (something) by comparison with a standard”. It does not mean to copy or plagiarize or pirate. So rest assured that when our experts suggest you look to your competitors as part of your digital marketing strategy, we are not suggesting you do any such thing. However, there is no one who understands the ins and outs of your industry quite like your competitors. They may be your rivals, but they can also be your allie

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Is it time to rev up your content marketing?

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Content is a very powerful tool in the world of online marketing, so it’s important to keep your content marketing strategy right at the top of your priority list. In order to deliver consistent and valuable information to your customers, you need to look at your strategy every few months, to make sure you are getting the most out of your content. If one of your top goals is to generate more leads, then content is what you should be focusing on. Companies that blo

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How To Manage Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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In a nutshell, marketing is all about researching, developing, promoting, and selling products or services to target customers. A lot of organisations have an ongoing inter-departmental argument going as to whether marketing is regarded as an expense or an investment. Luckily, in this era of digital marketing, the overall marketing spend has the opportunity to come down while reach goes up. How is this possible? For starters, inbound marketing relies on blogs, podca

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Five ways to get more (quality) subscribers

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Everyone wants more subscribers, right? But when it comes to sales, it’s not just numbers you need, it’s the loyal subscribers you want – the ones who share your content, the one who buy your products and recommend them to others. So how do you go about finding more of the dependable subscribers? According to brand and advertising surveys, over 90% of people trust and prefer word-of-mouth recommendations over any other form of marketing. This is quite a big de

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The importance of using images in your blog or content marketing

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Statistics show that content with images get a whopping 94% more views than those without! Content with visuals is not only more shareable (Facebook posts with images get 87% more shares, Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets), but they give your piece personality. They also break up long pieces of content that can be off-putting to a reader with little time. While you think your content may not have a suitable image to e

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