Making your website an effective marketing tool

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The Web represents pure capitalism at its best and is a global phenomenon which has never existed before. More than any particular industry or field, it is truly a consumer’s market that has a relative low cost, barrier to entry. Within a very short time if you do not have an on-line presence you or your company will be invisible to the consumer who uses the internet “mostly’ at this stage to research required products and services and you would want to pr

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Paper news vs the internet

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How do you get your news?  Do you read it online or from the morning paper?  More people are reading news online than the traditional printed newspaper.  Why do you want to read news that is a day old? People read news online in popular news websites, social networks, blogs, podcasts, etc. The reason for this is:Online Speed: Traditional newspaper news is outdated.  It takes a day to prepare, print and distribute  Popular magazines can take up to a month.  N

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