Remarketing Tactics for Visitors that Do Not Purchase

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Remarketing is telling your potential customers that “I care enough to follow you around until you notice me! I will take the time to mildly stalk you because my product/service is just what you need – you simply may not know it yet!”Typical remarketing campaigns feature “Come Back to (Insert Client Name) – And we’ll give you a great deal!” type of messaging. This directly acknowledges that the user has visited your site, they didn’t co

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Planning the call to action of your website

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A website call to action (CTA) usually refers to elements on your website that urges a visitor to take action.  One of the first steps when you are in the process of planning your website is to establish a clear call to action.  What do you want to achieve with your website? What action do you want your website visitors to take when they are browsing your website? If you have an e-commerce website, you most likely want your visitors to purchase now. When you are b

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Why your website needs a clear goal

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Why do you have a personal or a business website? What is the purpose of your website? Your website, the same as your business, needs to have a clear call to action with measurable results that you expect.  The purpose of your website, the design, the content and all the call to actions should all support the goal with your website. The goal of your website could be to generate sales leads, direct sales or to build a list of email addresses to name but a few. You m

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Using a website as a marketing tool

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What can a web site do for me you may ask? You may think that you are one of many and just a mere dot in cyberspace but you’re wrong! Don’t under estimate and undervalue the power of the virtual world. Make it real by exposing yourself online. That may sound somewhat crude but the best way to grow your business is to expose it and bare all. In today’s global village a web presence is a necessity for any business and, most of the time, this is how a copywriter

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Four Ways to Eliminate Friction at Your Landing Page

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“Go to this website, click that link, call this number, fill out that form,”  we internet marketers tend to be very prescriptive when dealing with prospective new or existing customers! When you ask people to do something, you are creating a point of friction and your audience will not continue unless the reward is greater than the friction they might be experiencing at that particular point If you want to improve the performance of your landing pages,

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Internet Marketing Techniques that are the cornerstones of success

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Anyone who uses internet marketing on the WWW knows that the landscape is always in ebb and flow, and you need to keep on top of new developments to make sure you’re current.  Particularly with the latest techniques and gizmo’s that are coming out of using social media effectively, but there are some more traditional values in the Internet marketing world that hold true and can still be considered old standbys. Like everything else you need to learn to crawl fi

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