Mobile Website Design Myths

Posted by on May 31, 2010 in Mobile Solutions | 1 comment

Found a great presentation “The Myths of Mobile Web Design” about mobile websites and some tips if you are designing a mobile website. The mobile web is growing fast and it is another way to expose yourself. Mobile websites are different than normal websites found on the web. Mobile devices usually have small screens with limited abilities and cannot process large websites full of graphics because most websites are developed and designed for the web, no

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Why you need a mobile website

Posted by on May 26, 2010 in Mobile Solutions | 1 comment

The mobile web is growing rapidly.  More and more people are focusing on searching the internet via their mobile phone as you don’t need a computer to connect to the net. It is a on-the-move business tool that is always available.  This is an excellent opportunity for businesses. Most searches originating from mobile phones are for local businesses.  People searching for restaurants, driving directions, movie theater tickets, etc.  The problem is that

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Optimize your mobile site for search engines

Posted by on May 11, 2010 in Mobile Solutions | 1 comment

Mobile (.mobi) websites are becoming more popular everyday as it is a on-the-move online business tool. Search engine optimization for mobile websites are busy exploding. Online marketing for mobile websites are not very different from standard Search engine optimization practices. A couple of mobile specific practices can keep your mobile site optimized. By optimizing your mobile site for search engines you gain an advantage of this new trend. Here is a couple

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Mobile websites: mistakes you should avoid

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It is all good if your mobile site is Search Engine Optimized but what if your mobile site is not compatible with most mobile phones? What if your mobile website is hard to navigate and no one can find anything on your mobile site? Find below 10 tips on what you should avoid for a mobile website. This was taken directly from:W3C mobile web best practicesUser friendly structure: Keep the navigation structure simple. Remember that people will be using their mobil

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