A step by step guide to setting up a mobile marketing plan or strategy

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Mobile marketing is the ideal way of making a connection with modern, tech savvy clients who can drive your sales and spread the word about your product and brand. The average person will spend a couple of hours on their phone each day, which makes mobile devices a prime advertising medium for businesses. If you want your mobile marketing campaign to yield great results you will need to plan properly, understand the technology involved and ensure you present your target audience with high quality and relevant content. Below we provide a step by step guide to setting up your own mobile marketing plan. Steps to follow when setting up your mobile marketing plan Establish objectives for your campaign. Your mobile marketing plan is not just a strategy – it will take hard work and effort. It is therefore best to know what you are working towards. Focus on your set up – with any promotion, competition or giveaway there are admin tasks which need focus. You will need to set in place official rules, legal compliance and sometimes even age verification. Make sure your plan has catered to these. Opt in and out – building a relationship with your client base is essential, however you need to let the consumer decide if he or she would like to be a part of your marketing campaign. Make sure you offer opt-in and opt-out features and that these are managed effectively. Tracking – make sure you have the tracking methods in place so that you can track your mobile campaign and its results. Creative components – you will want to grab the attention of your consumers without trying to fit too much into the small screen space you have available. SMS is a great option as most phones can receive texts. Remember to keep your graphics lightweight and ensure any copy used is short, catchy and effective. Reports and analysis – this is one of the most important aspects of any mobile campaign as it will help you to see your ROI and also reveal areas where improvement is required in your plan / strategy. Testing – a mobile campaign’s variables should all be tested before your campaign is launched. Testing should be carried out for user flow, responses, data capturing, carrier and load testing. Landing pages – make sure when clients click links or try to find out more information, that you have dedicated landing pages available with sufficient content and clear calls to action. Customer service and follow up – when your mobile marketing campaign is sent out, and your consumers start to redeem your offer; you will need to provide excellent customer service. Make sure your consumers can...

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Three reasons why you should include a mobile wallet into your marketing strategy

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In today’s ever evolving technological society, consumers are looking for buying experiences that are secure, fast, convenient and reliable. It therefore stands to reason that including a mobile wallet in your mobile marketing strategy has the potential to reap fantastic rewards for the overall success of your business. A mobile wallet is – quite simply – a new way to pay for things. Most mobile wallets work through apps on your smart phone, merely requiring personal information such as your cell number or a PIN to instantly debit your account and allow you to pay for items purchased at your local supermarket or any other businesses that are mobile wallet friendly. Three benefits of a mobile wallet The most important commodity in today’s society is time. Consumers do not want to waste time with long winded payment methods or fussing with little bits of paper. Mobile wallets not only allow you to make general purchases, but are also evolving to store concert tickets, gift cards and the like, serving not only as a financial tool, but as an organisational tool as well. There are also financial benefits to the mobile wallet, for merchants as well as consumers. The cost of a mobile wallet payment is less than those of a traditional fund transfer and the convenience of the system allows merchants to sell more of their product faster. Mobile wallets provide security to both customers and merchants as, unlike credit cards or cash, it cannot be stolen. Both merchants and consumers are protected from fraud as mobile wallets are based on encryption software that keeps all the necessary information secure. Minimise the intrusiveness of your marketing strategy and maximise its success by letting the professionals at WSI OMS handle all your mobile web design needs. For more information, contact us. Please follow and like...

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Making your mobile geo targeting personal

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Location-based mobile marketing is one of the greatest developments in the digital industry over the past five years. It gives you the ability to engage with a customer in the right area, at the right time – which is priceless. There are, however, many business owners and internet marketers who are getting it wrong (for example, sending someone in Cape Town a message at 2am telling them they can go check out your new products at your Johannesburg store RIGHT NOW!). That’s when people opt out from receiving messages from you and sometimes even report you to the consumer complaints commission. A new survey from Hipcricket showed that over half of the respondents said they found mobile messages from brands intrusive and spammy and close to half said the messages they receive aren’t relevant to their interests. What does that tell is? It tells us that we’re not personalising our mobile strategies for our various audiences. The good news, however, is that location and demographic data are the most common forms of data that people are willing to share with companies. This means that – if you play your cards right and follow through with a smart campaign – you can create location-based mobile messages that are relevant to your potential customers (and will more likely result in business for you). GPS technology allows you to target customers based on where they are. Combine this type of data with customer behaviour and you’ve got a winning strategy to launch a mobile marketing campaign that adds value to your customers’ lives as well as your bottom line. Need someone to help you with your mobile marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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These web analytics tips will help you to measure the success of your Facebook campaign

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For an effective digital marketing campaign, you need to incorporate not only a fantastic website, but also mobile marketing strategies and social media such as Facebook. Using web analytics, you can effectively incorporate all of these areas of digital marketing to create a strategy that will turn into real results. Want to measure the success of a Facebook campaign as part of this strategy? Read on to find out how web analytics can help you measure success. Using web analytics for a successful Facebook campaign  Facebook is something that cannot be ignored when creating a digital marketing strategy. Social media is a powerful way to reach and interact with your target audience. But how do you know your strategy is effective? Here are some tips: Use web analytics to establish who your target audience is. Facebook advertising is only effective when your ads are targeted correctly. Using web analytics tools, you can establish everything from the age group of your audience to their location. Use this information to set up your Facebook ads and reach those people directly. Using this information, track success with Facebook Insights. All Facebook pages have an “Insights” section which shows you, as the page owner, how effectively your posts are reaching your audience. By using your knowledge of your target audience and what they prefer, you can make posts with this information in mind, and see how these posts are keeping your audience interested in your page. You can then also track the success of your Facebook ads based on the demographics you entered when setting up your campaign. Refer back to your web analytics to see where clicks are coming from. After running your Facebook campaign for a while, you can check on your website’s analytics to see where the clicks to your site are coming from. This will show how many of the clicks were generated through Facebook. You can then track the success of your campaign. Digital marketing is a must in this day and age. Contact WSI, specialists in the fields of marketing on the internet, using analytics, optimization, web design, social media and mobile marketing to create an effective campaign for your business. Please follow and like...

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Google Real-Time Insights Finder adds a new dimension to your website analytics

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Using analytics for your website is an effective way to make sure you’re marketing your site the right way to reach your target audience. You can quickly and easily see how certain people are landing on your site, what they’re searching for and what attracts them (or detracts them) from your site. This is essential for marketing for mobile, as it helps you market your business by building a site that takes advantage of your audience’s search and web navigation habits. Google Real-Time Insights Finder is a tool that adds a whole new dimension to your analytics process. What is Real-Time Insights Finder? Google’s Real-Time Insights Finder is a tool for web analytics that allows you to see how your audience is interacting with your site in real time – that means as it is happening. You can therefore gain deeper insights into consumers’ web habits and not have to worry that your data is aged. This means being able to design a mobile marketing strategy that incorporates real, up to the minute insights for your target audience. How to use the Real-Time Insights Finder Firstly, you need to consider what your business is offering. It could be anything from plumbing to auto repairs. So use this as your starting point. Find out how and when people are searching for plumbing services. When does the search peak? What related keywords come out on top? Plumbing supply is the most popular related search term, so this info can then be used to further your marketing strategy. People seem to be looking for DIY solutions rather than paying for services. And so on and so forth. You can build a really effective marketing strategy using these analytics. WSI is a company that can take your web analytics and translate it into digital marketing strategies that will help you gain customers. Contact us today to find out more. Please follow and like...

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Mobile marketing tips: How to quickly and effectively improve the navigation on your mobile site

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Marketing your business via mobile is something all businesses should be doing in this day and age. Everything is going mobile these days, and more and more people are accessing the web via their phones and tablets rather than their computers. In South Africa, where phone lines and other infrastructures aren’t in place in many parts of the country, and with most people unable to afford ADSL, Internet users are those accessing the web on their mobile phones. So how do you quickly and effectively improve the navigation on your mobile site? Here’s how: Start with a mobile site that can be evolved to suit the current technology. Marketing for mobile devices doesn’t just mean phones but tablets too. With the technology of these devices evolving every day, make sure your mobile site can evolve with it. Use web analytics to understand how your audience uses your site. Is your site even reaching your target market? Analytics for websites allows you to see what kind of person is frequenting your site as well as what device they more often use. Bear your target market in mind when designing your mobile site. What type of mobile device will they have access to? Are they high income earners with the latest iPhone or lower level earners using simple smart phones? Your site should be easy to navigate with the type of mobile device your target audience uses more often. At the same time, don’t alienate an audience that could be a surprising new target market. If your site has all the bells and whistles, make sure it’s also backwards compatible. Likewise, if you have a fairly simple site, make sure it still looks like a million bucks. Marketing for mobile can be a powerful tool once you have your analytics right. Contact WSI today, specialists in the mobile marketing as well as digital marketing fields, we can help you create a mobile site that is a joy to use. Please follow and like...

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