Four Reasons Why You Should Go Mobile with Your Digital Coupon Marketing Strategy

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Digital coupons have been around for a long time. However, it was only in early 2011 that Target became the first major retailer to offer mobile coupons which were redeemable via mobile barcodes at the shop cashier. This was a breakthrough for mobile marketing, taking digital marketing to the next level. But what is all the fuss about? #1 Your Content in the Consumer’s Pocket Smart phones have become a provider of such convenience, that people dare not leave home without their mobile device. There are now no limits to what the customer can do on his smart phone. He can browse, he can enquire, he can even pay and arrange delivery. With that kind of convenience at our fingertips, the discerning marketer should recognise the opportunity of putting their brand directly into the hands of the consumer, along with an attractive and easy call-to-action: the coupon. #2 Share-ability via Social Media Mobile apps have changed the way people connect – social media engagement has become a constant for most, with social media apps giving notification alerts throughout the day. In addition to this, the way in which social media apps are integrated and interconnected on mobile devices has made sharing painless and possible at any given time of the day. Bearing this in mind, the content being viewed on the consumer’s smart phone needs to be shareable. In other words, it needs to be simple, exciting content. #3 Text Marketing is Unobtrusive Sending a text message to remind a consumer of a promotion, or to give them a promo code, is one of the most understated forms of communication. While emails can be lengthy and often perceived as ‘spam’ and with cold calls being particularly taboo, the text message offers all the information, with the least amount inconvenience to the receiver. Smart devices can now receive elaborate text messages, complete with branding, slideshows and interactive links. #4 Geo-targeting Possibilities This aggressive form of marketing, used predominantly by larger, more elite retailers, is the Rolls Royce of digital coupon marketing via mobile. The consumer is right at the retailer’s doorstep – all it takes is targeted marketing to their device, to entice them to participate in a sale or product launch. While some consumers do find this intrusive, offering a coupon does serve incredibly well for attracting new customers. Do you need help making your business mobile friendly? The WSI team is on standby – contact us to find out how our mobile marketing services can benefit your business today. Please follow and like...

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The business of marketing – what you need to know about mobile conversion rates

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Mobile conversion rates are an important aspect to understand, regardless of whether you’re a digital marketer or a business owner. In April 2015, Google launched something called ‘mobilegeddon,’ which was basically an update of their search engine algorithm rankings that led to mobile-friendly websites performing better in search engine results of websites which weren’t mobile friendly. Since 2014, mobile search traffic has been surpassing desktop traffic, making it even more important to ensure your website is easy to navigate and browse through from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. While many people have invested in mobile optimisation for their sites, there is still a large chunk of people who aren’t able to increase their conversion rates. Here are a few things to consider in order to increase your mobile conversion rates: Ecommerce mobile optimisation: People generally don’t like filling out long forms and loading new pages when trying to buy something from an ecommerce site, but this becomes even more of an issue for mobile users. In order to improve your conversion rates, create a single-click checkout option for people who are trying to buy something from your site from their phone. Don’t try to give mobile users all the information: Give mobile users the information they’re looking for and remove any unnecessary clutter. For example, someone searching your website from a mobile device might be more interested in your phone number and office location, so embed a Google Maps app which shows them this information on your home page. These are only two of the ways you can increase your mobile conversion rates. For expert advice and insights on mobile optimisation, contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Is your email marketing campaign geared towards mobile success to? What to do if it’s not

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Your email content and design can directly affect how your emails convert for mobile with your email marketing campaign. Mobile optimisation has become basic business practice for those who are looking to truly harness the marketing potential of their email and online marketing campaign. Below are a few factors that can affect the conversion of your emails to mobile: Understand the engagement expectations of a mobile user – desktop users have different expectations in terms of engagement. Firstly, your email should be designed to display correctly on mobile devices. Secondly, the language should be personal, targeted and geared towards driving action from the reader. In mobile marketing the demographics don’t play that much importance, especially if you are in the retail industry and selling products. Gear your emails towards making sales with clean content and eye-catching images. Your calls to action should be clear and your consumers should know exactly what to do to get in touch with you or complete a purchase. It is clear that email marketing should be geared towards mobile users if you want to ensure you reach the majority of online consumers. Consumers tend to be concerned with consuming content on the move, while on their lunch break or between television commercials. What does this mean? They are probably not sitting at a computer and the easiest, most convenient way is to view consumer content via their mobile device. Keep the end user in mind and ensure your content, even though being sent via email, is geared towards serving the needs of the mobile user. WSI provides professional email marketing services At WSI we are focused on ensuring our clients email marketing campaigns are designed to convert to mobile effectively. Our online marketing services are provided by professional consultants in the field and with the right effort and attention to detail, we can take your online marketing efforts and results to new heights. To learn more about our email marketing strategies and services, contact us at WSI via email or telephone today. Please follow and like...

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Google will start penalising sites that aren’t mobile friendly from 21 April, 2015

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By now, most people know that Google prefers mobile friendly and responsive websites. Google is now taking it a step further by announcing they will start penalising websites that aren’t mobile friendly from 21 April, 2015. From the end of April, a comparable mobile friendly site will rank higher than a site that isn’t mobile friendly, so if you haven’t tested what your website looks like on your smart phone – now is the time. “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices,” read the announcement on Google’s Webmaster Central blog. How to find out if your website is mobile friendly You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly test to find out if your website is mobile friendly. Simply type in your website’s URL and wait for your results to find out how mobile friendly your website pages are. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big part of internet marketing, so this change to Google’s algorithms will have an impact on how internet marketers, like us, build sites. According to a report from June 2014 by comScore, smartphones and tablets now account for 60% of total digital media time spent (this is a 10% increase from 2013), so this is just another way Google is trying to make their search results more relevant to users. If your website currently isn’t mobile friendly or you need help determining what should be done in order to improve your search engine rankings, get in touch with us today. Our in-house team of web developers, designers and SEO experts are here to help you stay on top of Google changes (and on top of the search results). Contact us for more information today. Please follow and like...

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Three tips for a top mobile marketing strategy

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Are you using mobile marketing for your African business as part of an overall digital marketing strategy? If you aren’t, then you certainly should be, because the statistics surrounding mobile usage and mobile Internet usage in the African region are quite astounding. Here are our top three tips for a winning mobile marketing strategy: Create a seamless user experience. Your mobile site shouldn’t be an exact replica of your website. It needs to be less cluttered, clean, neat and easy to use. Users shouldn’t have to scroll very far to get the information they need and users should be able to click through to social media pages directly. No two audience members are alike, which means everyone deserves a personalised experience of their choosing. Allow users to choose what information they want to see, if/when they are contacted by you, how they want your site to appear on their mobile phone and more. Personalisation is the key. Use visual content when possible. Research shows that visual content such as photos, infographics and videos are much more widely shared than written content. If you can communicate your message using visual content, certainly do so. Track the visual content’s performance and see how it resonates with your audience. Our digital marketing team delivers customised mobile solutions For more information about how the digital marketing specialists at WSI can help you create a winning mobile marketing strategy, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Discover why so many businesses in Africa partner with us for mobile marketing success. We look forward to hearing from you. Please follow and like...

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Three reasons why you should include a mobile wallet in your marketing strategy this Christmas

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Christmas fever is beginning to set in and including a mobile wallet in your mobile marketing strategy could be the best way for you to benefit from the shopping mayhem that is bound to occur. In today’s society, people look for speed and convenience and these needs are only made more important during the chaos that is Christmas shopping. Consumers are changing the way they spend money and it is crucial for businesses to evolve with their customers. Mobile wallets allow shoppers to pay for their purchases using their mobile devices. Payment information is stored in mobile apps, which means consumers are now free from swiping cards and dealing with cash, giving customers a sense of control and safety when it comes to their financial information. Three main benefits of mobile wallets Businesses that stay on the cusp of innovation stand more chance of expanding their customer base. This is the twenty first century and keeping up with technological advancements places you in a positive light in the eyes of consumers. By catering to the evolving needs of consumers, businesses can benefit their brand as well as attract more tech savvy shoppers. Customer experience. A business would not survive without positive customer experience. Mobile wallets help businesses deliver this by making purchases easier and more convenient. By implementing mobile payments, you can increase efficiency by speeding up the check-out process, saving on paper by using digital receipts instead and provide self-service for customer queries relating to transactions. Mobile wallets contain valuable information that businesses can use to better serve their customers. By having a better understanding of clients, businesses can cater directly to the needs of consumers as well as offer loyalty and rewards programs that will ultimately increase sales. This data can also be used in other aspects of your marketing strategy, giving you the chance to boost your social media marketing as well as gain valuable insight as to where you should direct your content marketing to better gain customer interest. When you begin looking for a mobile wallet vendor or processor, it is important to make sure the new technology is compatible with your existing systems. Also important to consider is the visibility and capability of the system and the guarantee that all necessary security measures are in place for the sake of your customers as well as your business. If implemented correctly, using mobile wallets should decrease your risk of fraud. At WSI OMS, we cater to every aspect of digital marketing for businesses. Our digital marketing seminars are there to educate you and your staff on the important aspects of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation, web design, mobile marketing and much more....

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