B2B Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2018

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One thing is for sure, mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! With the use of mobile devices only becoming more and more widespread, and with the technology behind these devices only getting more and more complex, businesses of all shapes and sizes have no choice but to surrender to the mobile revolution. Here are our predictions for B2B mobile marketing in 2018: More B2B Researchers will be using their Mobile Phones during the Purchase Process  According to a study by Google, in partnership with Millward Brown Digital, the mobile device is soon to start playing a bigger role in terms of B2B research within companies across the country and all around the globe. Executives Will Spend More Time Utilising Online Resources  When looking for a new supplier, we predict that executives will begin relying more on social platforms such as LinkedIn and, in particular, on those relationships created via the platform. More often than not, the interactions necessary to build and solidify these important relationships will take place using a mobile device. Higher Demand for a Mobile-Friendly Website  Potential clients will spend a long time researching different suppliers, usually using a mobile device such as a tablet. Most of these clients will choose to visit the supplier’s website during this process, hence the reason why ensuring that your website is effectively mobile-friendly is so very important – now more than ever before. Fast loading times and a good text-visual balance is what is likely to keep the potential client interested and engaged. Are you looking for professional assistance when it comes to mobile marketing? WSI OMS is a leading digital marketing company that you can rely on for up-to-date services and approaches within the online realm. Contact us today to learn more. Please follow and like...

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A Mobile Marketing Guide to Push Notifications

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With more and more people getting access to cell phones and other smart devices these days, push notifications should be an integral part of your mobile marketing and indeed, your larger digital marketing strategy too. Mobile marketing is all about creating personalised content that breaks through the clutter and speaks directly to the user, and while some people might consider push messages to be an annoying interruption, when they’re done right, they really can boost conversions. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can use them to reach out and engage with customers in real-time. The bonus? They’re free. So, how can you go about making the most of your mobile marketing? 4 Steps to Mobile Marketing Success Step 1: Think out the box Rather than just viewing push notifications as an opportunity to engage inactive users, try to find innovative ways of delivering valuable information and unique experiences for your users. Step 2: Segment Segment your users based on their profiles, in-app behaviours and known information, then start personalising your messaging for increased click rates. Step 3: Define your objectives From engagement to revenue or lifetime value, long-term conversion or retention, defining your key performance indicators will help you to understand the real-time impact as well as the long-term benefits of the campaign. Step 4: Test As with any form of digital marketing, finding the best time to send a push message can mean the difference between a user opening a message or not. Research indicates that there is little difference between days, but that the time of day is of far more significance, with messages sent before 1 pm having the best results. Of course, it’s important for you to carry out your own tests to find out the best times for your notifications, as this might vary from audience to audience and time to time. As digital marketing consultants, we’re able to offer a full spectrum of services that include content marketing, SEO and social media marketing. So, if you’re still trying to figure out where to start, give us a call today and we’ll work with you to create a mobile marketing strategy that’s right on target for your business. Please follow and like...

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A Handful of Mobile Marketing Facts Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Unless you have been living under a rock for a while now, you will be well aware of the fact that mobile marketing is the future! Not only can it help to boost your SEO, but it has been shown to help increase sales, interest and reputation, too. Here are a few interesting mobile marketing facts that we feel might have an effect on your digital marketing strategy going forward… The Very First Mobile Ad  Did you know that mobile ads have been in existence for 17 years? It’s true! The very first mobile ad was shared via SMS in 2000! The Importance of App Creation  While ensuring that your website design is mobile-friendly, another essential aspect of strategic mobile marketing is that of app creation – especially if the goal is to sell more digitally. According to Criteo, mobile users browse 286% more products using apps than they do when browsing the ‘net with their smartphones. In short, app creation is expensive… but definitely well worth the extra pay-out in the end! Website Design Can Affect Your Conversions  Website design is critical to ensuring the success of your mobile marketing efforts. It is not enough to see to it that your website is responsive and can be viewed on a mobile device. You also need to ensure that you have dedicated enough time to perfecting the overall user experience. Did you know that a 1 second delay in loading time can lead to a 7% decrease in online conversions? Mobile and Email Marketing  Mobile marketing and email marketing work together hand in hand. According to research, over 69% of all marketing emails sent to consumers are opened using a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop. Looking for professional assistance when it comes to mobile marketing for your brand? Look no further than the online marketing experts at WSI OMS. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. Please follow and like...

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Mobile Marketing – best practices…and what not to do

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Mobile Marketing is not just an essential aspect of digital marketing, it is absolutely necessary. More and more people are using mobile devices to access and browse the internet these days. In fact, mobile devices have lately become the primary interface. Thus, making mobile functionality and online marketing aimed at mobile users, the key to a successful digital marketing campaign. However, there are ‘best practices’ that will maximise the success of your campaign, and some pitfalls to avoid. The thing with mobile marketing though – is that there is a very fine line between the two… Main Mobile Marketing ‘Do’s’ Ensure that your website is optimised for Mobile: from your website’s design and functionality to your content and the way it is delivered. Be creative but keep it simple, keeping the old adage of ‘less is more’ in mind at all time. Know your customer base. Use as many data collection methods as you can to understand what they want and like, don’t want or don’t like and may want in the future.  Use this to target segments of your customer base on a more personalised and local level as your campaign moves along. Integrate your mobile marketing with a wider cross-device campaign. Main Mobile Marketing ‘Don’ts’ Don’t mismatch calls to action across devices, e.g. don’t send a text message to a customer using a smartphone with a link to content designed to be delivered best on a laptop or desktop. Don’t spam your customers. It’s easy to overreach and put customers off through real-time, instant access marketing. You may be getting enthusiastic, but they’ll think you are getting annoying. Don’t get too Don’t let your customers feel like you know more about them than they’d be comfortable with – even if you do. Privacy and the data collection abilities of various apps and platforms already have people on edge. They will react quickly and negatively if they feel that your campaign may use data collected through a digital invasion of their privacy – even if, legally, it doesn’t. Contact us at WSI OMS to set up a mobile marketing campaign, using best practices from the very start. We can help you find your customers and keep them – building brand loyalty and trust. Please follow and like...

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A guide to cross-device marketing

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Cross-device marketing involves reaching your customers and potential customers through a variety of devices: from laptops to smartphones and tablets. A variety of apps and platforms are used: from your website to your social media pages, through to e-mail and text messaging.   Websites need to be functional across all devices If your customers aren’t online while sitting at their computer, they are online on their smartphones and tablets. Cross-device marketing starts with the destination in mind: your online store, content hub or ‘digital shop-front’. It’s no good getting your customers there and then locking them out.   Websites must be designed so that they display properly across all devices. This requires specific coding to create a site that is as functional, readable and navigable on an Apple iPad, Tablet and smartphone of any make as it is on a laptop. Existing websites can be updated to give them cross-device functionality. However, websites should increasingly be designed to be cross-device friendly. They must work with mobile apps, SEO services and strategies for websites along with them.   Mobile Marketing services Once your website is set up for full cross-device functionality, you are ready to bring in your customers. Dynamic cross-device and mobile marketing services through apps and web-based messaging platforms are not only a crucial part of digital marketing, it’s claimpng a lions’ share of online marketing strategy – including content marketing, SEO and social media marketing. Not only are they necessary, they have been shown to have a high return.   Mobile Marketing techniques Mobile marketing techniques include text messages (SMS), multi-media marketing (MMS) and other mobile advertising through e-mail, apps and social media with online and push notifications. Done well, these mobile marketing techniques can result in high engagement and conversion – your existing and potential customers responding by clicking onto your site. It’s fast, easy and most often reaches your target market when they have the time to engage.   Contact us today for more information on how WSI OMS can help you maximise your reach and navigate cross-device marketing with our mobile marketing services and solutions. Please follow and like...

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The Best Ways to Approach Mobile Optimization

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A mobile-friendly website is an essential for all those business owners who wish to succeed in the world of digital marketing, therefore, mobile optimization must be a top priority. To get you started towards a responsive and adaptable online presence, here are some useful tips to keep in mind: Keep it Simple  Since mobile devices have smaller screens, bombarding your website visitors with copious amounts of text and large image files which take ages to download probably isn’t the best course of action. Instead, keep all content simple and to the point (you can always include expandable content for those who wish to continue reading) and stick to smaller-sized images. Keep Branding the Same  Your mobile site should resemble your desktop site in every way possible: keep all the fonts, images and text similar, if not entirely the same. You want your visitors to experience a sense of familiarity and loyalty every time they land on one of your web pages – regardless of the device that they are using to browse. Ensure Easy Navigation  Make sure that the tiles of your navigation bar are a good size and easy to click on, and be certain that mobile users can navigate effortlessly on your site. To ensure that your website is fully responsive and that your mobile marketing is up to scratch, get in touch with the professionals for assistance: contact WSI OMS. With experience in both web design and mobile optimization, we will help you to increase your reach, improve your bottom line and, most importantly, keep all your customers happy! Please follow and like...

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