Increase Downloads for Your Mobile App with This Advice

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So, you’ve developed a one-of-a-kind mobile app, added it to online stores, and you’re waiting for thousands of people to download the app and review it…. But nothing is happening. What’s wrong? The problem is that you’re not considering mobile app marketing tactics. Here are a few ways to increase downloads for your mobile marketing app:Make A VideoA video showing how your app works and what features it has, is a must. Hire a professional voice over a

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Top Ways to Encourage Your Customers to Engage on Mobile Apps

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Have you invested a lot of time in developing and launching a mobile application only to realise that people are downloading the app and rarely using it? Here are a few great ways to encourage mobile app engagement:Consider the Entire ExperienceFew people will give away precious space on their phone for a simple feature or gimmick. Consider the broader context of your app and how you can create a story about your app, how it fits into your customer’s lives, an

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B2B Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2018

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One thing is for sure, mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! With the use of mobile devices only becoming more and more widespread, and with the technology behind these devices only getting more and more complex, businesses of all shapes and sizes have no choice but to surrender to the mobile revolution. Here are our predictions for B2B mobile marketing in 2018:More B2B Researchers will be using their Mobile Phones during the Purchase Process

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A Mobile Marketing Guide to Push Notifications

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With more and more people getting access to cell phones and other smart devices these days, push notifications should be an integral part of your mobile marketing and indeed, your larger digital marketing strategy too. Mobile marketing is all about creating personalised content that breaks through the clutter and speaks directly to the user, and while some people might consider push messages to be an annoying interruption, when they’re done right, they really can

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A Handful of Mobile Marketing Facts Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Unless you have been living under a rock for a while now, you will be well aware of the fact that mobile marketing is the future! Not only can it help to boost your SEO, but it has been shown to help increase sales, interest and reputation, too. Here are a few interesting mobile marketing facts that we feel might have an effect on your digital marketing strategy going forward… The Very First Mobile Ad  Did you know that mobile ads have been in existence for 17 ye

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Mobile Marketing – best practices…and what not to do

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Mobile Marketing is not just an essential aspect of digital marketing, it is absolutely necessary. More and more people are using mobile devices to access and browse the internet these days. In fact, mobile devices have lately become the primary interface. Thus, making mobile functionality and online marketing aimed at mobile users, the key to a successful digital marketing campaign. However, there are ‘best practices’ that will maximise the success of your camp

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