WSI Offices on Google Street View South Africa

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We were very excited to see our offices appear on Google Street View South Africa. I remember when the Google Prius drove passed our office in 2009 and here’s the image they captured at 149 Goodwood Street in Kyalami. What is Google Street View? Google Street View is the new addition to Google Maps and it allows you to explore a certain area with panoramic street-level photos. Where is Google Street View Available? It hasn’t been applied to all Google Maps yet but it is active for the following countries: South Africa Australia USA Japan Singapore Italy France Spain New Zealand Although Google Street View isn’t available worldwide you can follow the link to track where Google Street View is becoming available. Although there have been concerns about the safety aspect of Google Street View, the Internet giant has taken preventative steps to ease worries. Using Google Street View Google Street View has a number of useful functions for users including: Find the location for you work meeting and check out the parking that’s available in the area (not in real time) Find the best spot to watch a marathon Explore your travel destination before you fly Look at areas where you have intentions of buying property Google Street View is a great tool and the only way you’ll be able to unlock its potential is by having a look for yourself. Please follow and like...

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The Google Caffeine update is live at last!

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After months of testing small bits of this massive update to the Google search engine algorithm, the Google Caffeine update is officially live. On 8 June 2010, Google announced this on their official blog – Our new search index: Caffeine The first time I heard of this big update was back in 2009 when they announced that they are planning this major update to their search engine  – Help test some next-generation infrastructure Google is steering towards more social media involvement (Google Buzz, Google Wave, etc) and you might have noticed a couple of beta tests taking place over the last couple of months when doing searches on this popular search engine. So what is this Google Caffeine update? With Caffeine, we analyse the web in small portions and update our search index on a continuous basis, globally. As we find new pages, or new information on existing pages, we can add these straight to the index. That means you can find fresher information than ever before—no matter when or where it was published. Caffeine lets us index web pages on an enormous scale. In fact, every second Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel. If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. You would need 625,000 of the largest iPods to store that much information; if these were stacked end-to-end they would go for more than 40 miles – Our new search index: Caffeine Video from Matt Cutts explaining this [youtube]NU5cKDryjy0[/youtube] Please follow and like...

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Google Website Optimizer

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A good way to test and to improve the overall performance of your website is to do A/B testing also known as split testing. Split testing entails running two different versions of a particular page simultaneously for different users and recording how well each page converts. A more advance version of these tests are known as multivariate testing. A multitude of variables are tested to discover the best combination. Google offers a tool to do exactly this. It is called Google Website Optimizer. All you need is provide different elements for example different headlines or different product pictures and Google Website Optimizer will serve random combinations of them to your visitors. It also tracks how well each combination converts. Taken directly from Google: “Website Optimizer is a tool that can help you improve the effectiveness of your website in getting a return on your investment. By allowing you to test different versions of your site content, you can determine what will best attract users and lead them to convert on your site.” This is a free tool so be sure to check it out. Please follow and like...

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Google accounts on Twitter

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Everyone loves Twitter. Even Google. While browsing the Google blog on blogspot I came across a list compiled by Google on their active Twitter accounts. Follow the accounts below related to Google Services. Taken from: – our central account – for Blogger fans – user tips & updates – news, tips, tricks on our visual image search – latest headlines via Google News – from our feed reader team – news & notes from Google’s personalized homepage – news of interest to students using Google – for YouTube fans – en Espanol – solutions for IT and workplace productivity Geo-related – Google SketchUp news – SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse – 3D modeling to build your favorite places – Earth & Maps tools for nonprofits & orgs – updates from the Google Earth team* – uses, tips, mashups -Android app for the night sky Ads-related – for online publishers – looking out for AdWords questions and tech issues – Google Guide for AdWords Help Forum – insights for website effectiveness – re building display ads – for retail advertisers – info on our digital system for more measurable TV advertising* – for U.K. tech advertisers – for German AdWords customers – for German ad agencies – info for Portuguese-language publishers – AdWords news & tips in Russian – Spanish updates from the Inside AdWords blog – AdWords API tips Developer & technical – from our research scientists – Google Webmaster Central – latest updates for Google developer products – Data APIs provide a standard protocol for reading and writing web data – web apps run on Google infrastructure – our initiative for complete import/export of all data – about using Google Maps embedded in websites – Google’s largest annual developer event Culture, People – notes from our @Google speaker series – the voice of Google recruiters Country or Region – news from the Google Arabia Blog – Google activities in Australia & New Zealand – News & info for Brasil* – Google in Germany – News & notes in Korean* – Latin America (en Espanol) – Notes on Google policy issues in Italy Please follow and like...

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