Protect your Online Reputation with a sobriety test

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I’m always looking for new content on “online reputation management” and I came across this social media sobriety test. You set the parameters on when you are not allowed to post, like after 09h00 pm, as you may have had a few to many drinks. If you start posting, it makes you take a sobriety test. Like a driving test on your screen. I guess that’s the last time you get late night posts from me πŸ™‚ Please follow and like...

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I might look like I know, but I don’t!

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Here is a short story to lighten your mood on a possibly blue Monday morning. Last week I emailed a client asking for the FTP and CPanel details to their existing website and to please advise if they have PHP 5 or higher running on the platform and whether or not we can have access to a MySql database, so we can start their project. The client replies: β€œHi Liezel, The following response is satirical tongue-in-cheek – not to be taken seriously! When Gerrie* and I were born, the world was very different. The following items were not invented: microwave, cell phone, PC, dishwasher. No dvd, cd or even video machines – TV was black and white and had no remote control. Bread and milk were delivered to the house every morning by a milkman. I can remember when the first man set foot on the moon. A hard drive was going to Durban in summer in the car – no aircon. A mouse was something we poisoned. You ask me for a FTP and Cpanel to the existing doohicky. You also ask for the state of my PHP 5 (something to do with the pool water?) and then you want to touch me on my Squeal Base? Yeah Right!!! Have mercy on me – I might look like I know, but I don’t! Have a great day! Regards Jacques* (I can do smileys – does that count?)” Have a great week! And contact WSI if you feel the same as Jacques and need us to lend a hand. *names were changed Please follow and like...

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