Using Video in Email? Here is What You Need to Know

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Video marketing is a great way to incorporate story telling into your content marketing strategy as it is consumed easily by users and gives your brand a more personalised, human image. Email is also one of the most effective forms of digital marketing and drives ROI for businesses with exceptional results. Many business owners and online marketers wonder if using video in their email marketing campaign is a good idea and we are here to tell you: YES. Email Monks and GetResponse have recently released some stats which show that when video is used in email marketing you can expect to experience a noticeable increase in your click-through rate (as much as 55%). Their research also shows your target audience will spend up to 44% more time reading your emails and what’s more, interested parties are 41% more likely to share and forward your video content, which immediately earns your business and its brand a growing reach. If it is an increase in conversion rates that you are after, email with video content can earn you up to a 21% increase. Three Ways to Incorporate Video in Your Email Marketing Campaign At WSI we understand you want your content marketing endeavours to work and in order to do so, some thought and effort must go into your digital marketing campaign. Consistency is also very important if you want to make an impact – you cannot send out one content marketing email and expect it to serve your digital marketing campaign forever. Below are a few ways in which we would advise you to use video within your marketing emails for the best possible results: Using a static image linked to the video which is located externally – this is a great option if you want to make sure each and every recipient will see the content of your video without any glitches. The actual video can be hosted on your own website or another external source such as YouTube. Embedding the video into the actual email content – this is convenient for most recipients as the video will play within the email without having to access any external sources. HTML5 is used to make this possible and as a result of this technology not being fully compatible with all email apps, some of your viewers might only be able to see a fall back image here. Using an animated GIF – these are supported by nearly all email clients and can tell a story effectively without having to incorporate a real video. You can also use an animated GIF to link to a video which is externally hosted. At WSI we provide content marketing consulting services where we can...

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Revitalise your digital marketing strategy by re-engaging dead email subscribers

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Email marketing is one of the key components of any digital marketing strategy, but just like mobile text messages, many consumers are inundated with commercial emails on a daily basis and this causes them to lose interest and become “dead” email subscribers. If you are not grabbing and holding the attention of your audience, your business stands very little chance of success. It is important to learn how to re-engage with these users in order to refresh and revitalise their marketing strategies. Tips on re-engaging dead email subscriber Identify and target. It is crucial to identify the inactive leads on your email marketing list before you can begin to re-engage. Determine where there has been no activity for 6 to 12 months and work on those leads specifically. Relevant info. Providing your target audience with information that is relevant is crucial in keeping customers interested in your business. Revisit the interests your customers exhibited when they originally subscribed and change your content accordingly. You will see a dramatic difference in your success rate once content becomes a priority. Quality over quantity. If you bombard your subscribers with emails, they are far less likely to show an interest. Make your emails regular, but send them out on a less frequent basis and focus instead on offering content that is rich and relevant. Tactful content marketing is highly effective in today’s digital world. Data relationship. It is important your subscribers have a relationship with your data and one way to discover exactly what this relationship is, is to ask them directly. Conduct a survey and offer those people who respond to your survey some sort of incentive – a gift card or a discount on a promotional product. This will enable you to re-activate interest as well as offer valuable insight into what you can change to earn these customers back. At WSI OMS, we understand all the necessary components of successful digital marketing strategies for business. Our digital marketing seminars will help you educate your work force on the correct ways to engage with your target audience and correctly utilise the many means of digital marketing from social media to mobile marketing and more. Learn how to engage with your audience, form valuable relationships and implement calls to action. Contact us to give your business the edge. Please follow and like...

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Using gifs in your email marketing campaign

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For any email campaign to be successful, it needs to be planned properly. While some email messages and newsletters are highly successful, companies are finding it increasingly hard to grab the attention of their readers via email. One of the latest trends is to use a gif (a moving image) inside an email. People love gifs – whether it’s a cat gif, a gif of an old person dancing like it’s 1965 at a wedding or a simple gif of something related to a brand that’s moving – this type of motion draws attention. Here’s what you need to know about including gifs in your email marketing campaign: Use it to link to your videos While a gif can be used for entertainment purposes, it can also indicate that the reader should click on the link to watch a video. We recently wrote a post about embedding videos into emails, but not all email clients support this at the moment (most notably, Gmail and Yahoo mails don’t). Using a gif is a great roundabout way to get an email subscriber to watch a video that you want to share with them. Videos are a bit trickier, but most email clients support gifs, including Lotus Notes, Outlook 2000-2003, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL as well as mobile clients such as Android, Blackberry and iOS Mail. If you want an email marketing campaign that really grabs attention, contact WSI OMS today to find out how we can help you. Please follow and like...

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Using videos in email

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YouTube isn’t the second largest search engine for no reason. With everything from email marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing available to digital marketers – it’s no wonder the people investing in video marketing are getting the best results. While you might not be ready to kick-start a full video marketing strategy, there are ways to incorporate videos into your existing email campaigns. Research from Email Monks showed that including a video in your email can increase your click through rates by a whopping 55% (and it can increase conversions by 24%). There are, however, a few technical things you need to consider before you include a video in your email campaign. One of the options, for example, is to embed the video within the actual email (this means it will play when a person opens your email, so they don’t have to click through to a different site to watch the video). Thanks to HTML5, this is possible, but not all of your recipients will be able to watch the video. Email clients that can support embedded web videos include, Apple Mail, IOS devices and Thunderbird 13. If you choose to embed a video into your email, make sure you’re segmenting your email database so that you only send this particular email to clients who have these devices (this might be a bit tricky, but any good developer will be able to determine this by taking a look at your website analytics). Need help with your email marketing campaign? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Who thinks e-mail marketing is still effective?

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With the focus of many companies turning toward social and search marketing, much of the attention once given to e-mail marketing has faded. People seem to have little faith in e-mail marketing (and rightly so, considering the impact of the Consumer Protection Act and the fact that so many people simply delete spammy e-mails). But it’s not e-mail marketing itself that is the problem – it’s the way e-mail marketing is used. Read these tips to improve your e-mail marketing strategy and get the results you want. 5 tips to optimise your e-mail marketing Value. When it comes to e-mail marketing, you are generally dealing with people that have given you permission to contact them. Do not waste time bogging them down with useless information.  Try to create an experience for your readers. Balance. Often with e-mail marketing, people become too focused on selling something. Aim to structure your e-mails in such a way that the emphasis is placed on the value and the experience (about 95%) and only about 5% on the selling point. To the point. People are busy, so avoid long winded greetings and messages of thanks and get to the point of your e-mail. Tone. E-mail marketing is hard – if you want to get your message across, you need to put in the hours to create a really great product (whether it’s a monthly newsletter or a once-off campaign). E-mail marketing is still relevant. All you need to do is see it as a tool to create a richer, more customised experience for your audience. Need help with your e-mail marketing? Contact WSI South Africa. Please follow and like...

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